Somerset Apple Cake

Somerset apple often you heard of this cake? As apple cake is pretty much a common cake to most of us, so what is the different between Somerset apple cake! Somerset apple cake is actually originated from a place called Somerset in England where they normally used apple juice or apple cider in their cake mixed. Other than that the classic English apple cake is usually no need much whisking. The very common way of making this cake is by rubbing butter with flour and then stir in wet ingredients to combine, just like making the English scone or welsh cakeSo that the cake can only captured just enough moisture to serve with ice-cream or fresh cream. Sounds incredible, isn't it? haha....

So, here we go.
Ingredients :
300gm   all purpose flour
2 tspn   baking powder
160gm   sugar
pinch of salt
1 tspn  cinnamon powder
200gm   butter

3 eggs, beaten
60ml    apple cider (I used Kefir drinks)
2 apples,  diced
1/2 cup  raisins

Method :
(1) combine all ingredients (A) into a big bowl and rub butter till well combine.
(2) then stir ingredients (B) into (A) and mix well.
(3) pour batter to a 9" greased tray and bake at preheated oven 175-180'C for about 50-60 mins.

I baked mine at 185'C for the first 30 mins then 180'-175'C the following. I like the burnt looking crust of the cake.
The texture of this cake tastes as beautiful as the common apple cake. I think I prefer the crust. It's simply addictive!  Hope you'll love it too.


  1. what a wonderful cake I am making this for sure :0)

  2. Sort of like making muffins ! :D Love those apple dices and raisins dotting in the cake ! It looks so moist and really yummy ! And the brown crust looks so appealing !

  3. The name is as nice as the cake.. Sommerset...

  4. your cake looks so delicious, the best part looks like the crust and apple! wish I can have one piece for tea now..

  5. Hi Kristy - you always have the most intriguing recipes! I love apple cake but never made one with cider. I will have to try it one day, for afternoon tea. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Love your apple cake, Kristy. Apple cake is one of my favourite. A slice of yours would go real well with milk...mmm. You like the burnt part? I think I love the softer inside. We should sit together to eat this eat the outside and I eat the inside...hehe.

  7. Interesting to read about this apple cake from Sommerset, lovely crust and bet taste delicious with ice cream as you suggest.

  8. Didn't realise there was a 'Sommerset apple cake' - lovely nice big chunks of apple! Will make me feel less guilty when I eat it all in a day :-)

  9. What a beautiful cake! hm....I can imagine how delicious it is to have a piece serve with whipped cream or ice cream...or both! :P

  10. this sounds simple and quick to make!thanks for introducing us another british sweet treat!

  11. Great!! another way of cooking my beloved apples, I'm always in search of new recipes, and this one is new for me, thanks!! big hugs

  12. You made me interested in this cake..I have few apples,but not sure if they haven't gone bad after sitting in the kitchen for a long time :D

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  14. This looks like something my mom would make. I love it Kristy!!


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