Homemade Red Yeast Glutinous Rice Wine

Red yeast rice is also called as red fermented rice or red koji rice. Red yeast rice is widely used in many Chinese cuisines for instance home brew red yeast glutinous rice wine. Red yeast wine is mostly consume by post-natal mothers to maintain their health after delivery. It helps in blood circulations and also best for belly warming after giving birth. But these days rice wine is also widely used in many restaurants to produce specialty dishes. And I'm sure you will like this too.

So, here's what I did.
Ingredients :
2kg  glutinous rice, rinsed
3 tbsp  sugar
2-1/2 chinese wine yeast, pounded
200gm     red rice yeast, pounded
(Note : I have to apologise for the earlier ingredients which was wrongly writen. Please take note to the changes)

Method :
(1) cook glutinous rice with more water compare to usual days. I'm using a rice cooker. It took me 2 rounds to get the 2kg of rice ready.
(2) once the rice is cooked, spread them to a bigger tray to let them cool. It's best to cook the rice in the evening and then let them cool overnight.
(3) when everything is ready, add sugar, yeast and red yeast rice to cooked glutinous rice, then mix well.

It's best to use hand mix and then place mixture to a big clean glass container.

Make sure you press the rice probably to the container. Finally, cover it with a plastic sheet and then close the top with a lid loosely.

Normally, wine will be started to form and collected below the rice after one week time.

Then slowly the rice will sank to the bottom in about 3 weeks time.

Here finally, I harvest it after 4 weeks time. Strain the wine and separate it from the fermented rice. And then blend the rice to form fine paste.

Here's the wine and fermented rice paste after bottling and it's ready to be use at anytime. So, stay tune for the up coming menu ! Have fun.
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