Deep Fried Chicken Floss Teochew Mooncake @ 潮州鸡肉丝千层酥皮月饼

I often seen this kind of pastry served at 5 star restaurants. I simply adored how it is done. And after checking out some restaurants' references, I bumped into Shirley's post. Its the Singapore Resort World Sentosa flaky teochew mooncake making workshop. Its totally an inspiration. I have to thank Shirley for sharing it.

I am super excited about it. I have done it again.... I have done it ! The chicken floss is the most wanted ingredients on this mooncake. Its an excellence combination between the sweet & salty if you like chicken floss. Or maybe NO to those who are not so interested in chicken floss. However, most of the feed back is superb.

Ingredients for pastry dough :
Dough (A)
200gm  all purpose flour
30gm  icing sugar
50gm  shortening
100gm  water + 1/2 tspn  vinegar
1/2 tspn pandan extract

Dough (B)
180gm  all purpose flour
100gm  shortening

Method :
(1) mix together ingredients dough (B) till soft dough is formed, set aside.
(2) for dough (A), combine flour& sugar into a big mixing bowl till well mixed, then rub in shortening till everything is well cooperated.
(3) next, stir water mixture into dough (A) dry ingredients till soft & moist elastic dough is formed. Leave to rest for 20 minutes before further process.
(4) now, divide both dough into 2 portions each then wrap dough (B) into dough (A).
(5) flatten the wrap dough by using a roller pin to form a prolong rectangle shape (as picture shown above), then by using your hand, roll dough from the shorter end to the other end like swiss roll.
(6) again, flatten the roll dough by pressing it with the rolling pin then roll to form a flat prolong rectangle shape as well, in the opposite way round.
(7) now, roll the shorter end to the other end to form a swiss roll again.
(8) flatten both swiss roll dough into 10x6" large rectangle shape.

(9) now, place both dough together and cut into half.
(10) again, put the two cut dough together by facing the same direction, as picture shown below.

(11) once its ready, slice the pastry dough around 1 to 1.2mm thick sloping downwards. It gives you bigger & wider pastry in this way.

The pastry dough will look something like this. As shown as the above picture.

Ingredients :
10 pcs @ 60gm   pandan mung beans/dou yong paste
100gm  spicy chicken floss

Simply flatten mung bean paste and fill in 1 tablespoon of chicken floss, wrap to cover everything and shape into ball. Press the ball filling to make sure its firm enough.
Flatten each portion of pastry dough just by the size to cover the fillings (as shown in the picture on the left), then slowly push pastry dough to the end of the meeting point and press to seal everything up.
Finally, fried pastry till golden brown and leave cool.

The layers are clearly seen. Very nice. By the way, this recipe is perfect to use off any leftover mung bean paste or lotus paste.

Preheat the wok with enough cooking oil then deep fried the pastry over low heat

Oh boy, just how could you resist ! Hubby and my guests love it so much. Hope you guys will love it too ! Enjoy.
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