Ipoh Walnut Sesame Teochew Mooncake @ 怡保核桃芝麻潮州月饼

The other day when I was scrolling around the internet to check on the latest mooncakes and this walnut pastry from Ching Han Guan Biscuit has successfully caught my attention. Ching Han Guan Biscuit is one of the many famous Chinese pastry shop in Ipoh, Perak state. There are all kinds of pastry available in the shop. Please check out the link here for more pictures shown. Well, does my pastry look alike ? I gave mine a 90%. I think the pastry crust is almost there..... >o<  If not mistaken, they put on egg glazing to give the glossy look which I've chosen to omit it. Anyway, hubby thumbs up and he likes it a lot. Yay... So, here's what I did.

Ingredients for pastry dough :
Dough (A)
150gm  all purpose flour
50gm  black sesame seeds, toasted & slightly pound
20gm   icing sugar
50gm   cold butter, chopped
70ml  water

Dough (B)
110gm  all purpose flour
70gm   shortening

Method :
(1) For dough A, combine flour & sugar into a big bowl then rub int butter till everything well cooperated.
(2) stir in water to form a soft dough and set aside to rest for 30 minutes.
(3) for dough B, combine everything till well cooperated then divide into 6 portions.
(4) for dough A, divide into 6 portions as well then wrap in dough B to form a ball.
(5) further rolling process please refer as here., & for the pressing part please refer here.
(6) now, flatten dough by pressing both end inward then roll it out into round shape where it is big enough to wrap the dou yong fillings.
(7) next, seal the wrapped dough and again slightly flatten it with the rolling pin. Place pastry to baking tray lined with parchment paper.
(8) top the pastry with syrup coated sunflower seeds then bake at preheated oven 195'C for about 25 minutes or till brown.

Note : you may use egg glazing for the topping but I've chosen not to, where my vegetarian friends can enjoy it as well.

Ingredients used for filling :
dou yong / mung bean fillings  :  510gm (85gm per portion)
* 50gm  sunflower seeds , toasted
* 100gm  walnut, toasted & crashed
(mix together seed & walnut into dou yong till everything well cooperated)

Ingredients used for topping :
* 50gm  sunflower seeds, non toasted
* 1 TB  golden syrup
(mix together sunflower seeds & golden syrup till everything well coated)

Here's the ready pastry waiting to go into the oven.

And finally, its done ! Oh boy, don't they look fantastic !

I have actually skipped the walnut cause hubby & my boy doesn't really like it. It still tastes as GOOD. Love how the pastry turns out. Hope you guys will love it too. Enjoy !
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