Kam Ling Snow Skin Mooncake Copycat @ 金宝金陵冰皮月饼

'Kam Ling Restaurant' is one of the famous restaurant in Kampar town, Perak state. Two of my favourite food there are the char siew baked buns & also their famous mid-autumn chilled mooncake. Honestly, their chilled mooncake doesn't look beautiful at all.... BUT.... once you tried it, you will stick to it forever. Its been a long long while since I have one of them. I really missed them so much. What I love about their mooncake is the thick soft mochi skin and I can never forget the smell of it. Oh well, see if I can make some out from scratch. Just keep my fingers cross !

I actually using the store bought Tong Garden sunflower seed on my recipe which is simple & yet super delicious. You may use the common sunflower seeds and then toast till crunchy. By the way, this mooncake is preferably not to keep chilled over 24 hours. Just keep chilled before serving.

Ingredients :
50gm    glutinous rice flour
20gm   wheat flour / ding fun
30gm   rice flour
50gm   sugar
150ml  water
1/2 tspn   banana essence
2 TB  corm oil

* Red bean paste fillings :  250gm (round dough ball into 80gm  each)
* Store bought Tong Garden roasted sunflower seeds

Method :
(1)  combine everything into a bowl & mix well cooperated.
(2)  steamed mixture over high heat for 20 minutes then set aside to cool completely.
(3)  next, transfer steamed dough to working table and knead dough till smooth with oil coating hand. Its best to use crisco shortening to coat with your hand  Then divide into 3 portions.
(4)  insert some roasted sunflower seeds into each  red bean paste fillings, then round it.
(5)  now, flatten & round the mochi dough between two plastic sheets then wrap in the red bean fillings. Then slowly push mochi dough to the meeting point to seal it.
(6) once its done, coat dough ball with cooked glutinous rice flour or koh fun.then press it with a mooncake mould.  Keep chilled before serving.

The red dot always reminded me of their mooncake. And as always, they just used a simple plastic sheet to wrap the chilled mooncake. Oh yeah, I felt like having one of those mooncake right here in Kristy's kitchen. The aroma is taking me over to cloud 9.... exactly the smell I'm expecting. clap... clap... clap.... Mission completed !
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