Yuzu Snow Skin Mooncake With Citrusy Cheese Fillings @ 柚子奶油芝士冰皮月饼

My first attempt to prepare snow skin mooncake with cream cheese filling. Honestly, I have no confidence at all. Somehow, it kept me going without any excuses.... just because I wanted to transform my imagination into reality so much. And I really wanted to taste test the thing myself. At the end, it is actually out of my expectation ! Oh wow... I can't believe it has turned out so deliciously good. My boy complaint that six of these isn't enough. I only allowed him to bring two back to his school hostel that day, to enjoy with his roommate. Stingy mama ! haha....

This is the only yuzu powder left. Definitely not enough for another batch. Looking forward to use KICKAPOO soft drinks. Will it be able to help in maintaining the citrusy flavour ???? Will find out later on.

Ingredients for Yuzu snow skin dough :
150gm  cooked glutinous rice flour / koh fun
2 TB   yuzu powder
100gm  icing sugar
45gm   Crisco shortening
100ml  cold soft drinks (100plus or 7Up)

*extra koh fun for coating

Method :
(1) combine koh fun, yuzu powder & sugar into a big bowl and mix well.
(2) next, rub in shortening till its well cooperated with flour mixture.
(3) stir in cold drinks till soft dough is formed and knead till smooth then divide into 85gm each, about 7 portions.

*Duoyong fillings : 500gm
(divide 6 portions into 68gm each, remaining about 98gm for non-cheese fillings)

Ingredients for cream cheese fillings :
100gm   cream cheese, softened at room temperature
1 TB  icing sugar
1 lime rinds & half lime juice

Method : 
Beat all ingredients till combined then transfer to a small round container, keep the lid on then chilled to set. When ready, cut it into 6 equal portions. Its best to keep it refrigerated all time whenever its not in used. And best to prepare this overnight.

When everything is ready, just wrap cheese filling into mung bean paste and nicely sealed. Next, wrap the mung bean filling into yuzu snow skin dough, nicely sealed and shape it into a ball. Coat the round mooncake dough with extra koh fun to prevent sticky surface. Finally, press it with a mooncake mould. And its ready to serve.

The cheese filling looks like melting away but it is not ! It turns out really creamy... like eating an ice-cream. Don't you love the sound of it ??? haha.... I'm actually looking forward to more cream cheese fillings mooncake after this. Yes, it is absolutely addictive ! How not to say NO ! >o< Enjoy & have fun guys !
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