2 In 1 Coconut Macaroon Slices

I have no idea these thing actually looks so irresistible! The top picture is the one with mixed fruit jam and the following photo is the one with homemade kaya @ coconut egg custard jam. I have tasted them both and is totally speechless. The soft crumble base....crispy fragrant coconut top crust with such marvellous fillings. So, what else can I say!

Ingredients for Base :

100gm butter
90gm sugar
1 large egg
1-1/3 cups all purpose flour
1/2 tspn baking powder

- cream butter and sugar untill fluffy.
- add in egg and whisk till well combined.
- fold in flour and baking powder to form a soft dough.
- press dough to a 9" square pan line with baking paper.

Ingredients for Macaroon topping :
2 egg white
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup dessicated coconut

- whisk egg white and sugar (one tbsp at a time) untill stiff and foamy.
- fold in coconut and mix well.

Fillings :
2/3 cup Kaya/coconut egg custard jam
2/3 cup mixed berries jam


- spread both jam to each side separately over the ready base dough pan.
- cover with coconut mixture and spread evenly.
- bake for 25-30 mins at 185'C.
- leave cool before slicing.

It's done! SO, what else? Lets wallop. ^_^

I think I don't have to explain much on this. The photo shows it all! One word.... heavenly! Muakkkkk.......
Before ending this, I wanted to keep you guys inform that there are about 20 comments went missing in my previous post, lychee chicken roll! I really have no idea what exactly going on but 20 comments went missing is quite a serious problem. The exact comment shows now is 44 in my dashboard (41 was taken 2 hours ago) but there are only 29 appeared. I'm so sorry guys if any of your comments went missing.


  1. These look so irresistable! I had the same problem with comments, but they reappeared yesterday.

  2. Bo : Thank you so much for keeping me inform. You're the greatest! And thank you for stopping by as well. Have a nice day!
    Regards, Kristy

  3. I had most of my comments from the lastest post missing yesterday too.
    They came back today.

    Oh yes, those layers really look good. Hey where did you get this recipe? Sometimes you don't state your sources.
    I think it'll be nice for us to see the source, so that we know how much was the adaptation.

  4. Wendy : I'm so sorry if I didn't mention about the sources....It's difficult to explain every single details...magazines, books, newspapers etc. I seldom follow the exact recipes anyway. I normally search from my own record book and play a little mix & match from there. Sorry, babie! Anyway, you can always search from the site. =o) Thanks so much for the recommendation! Hope you're having a wonderful day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  5. Well, hello, these are fantastic! I can only imagine the complexity and textures exploding in the mouth. Mmm. Weird about the chicken rolls - lychees rock!

  6. Looks heavenly. I am digging this. COmments came back. Don't worry.

  7. Looks wonderful Kristy. My comments gone missing too lol

  8. First off, Kristy...this is too yummy for me to look at so early in the morning...my boring oatmeal bowl is staring at me. Thankfully, I'm not tempted by the physical prescence of your dessert ;o)

    BTW...I had the same issues with the Blogger system on 3 occasions already. I hope they work out this bug soon.

    Have a great day and flavourful wishes, Claudia

  9. Hi Kristy, recently a lot of bloggers encountered the comments disappear issue :(. The coconut macaroon slices look very gd, your recipe came in at right time cos I am looking for one to clear my remaining coconut flakes from my coconut cream cake :). Thanks for sharing.

  10. what can I say too? except 'I want both' - just great....yep, had issues yesterday as well with comments...

  11. They look addictive and must be delicious! Nothing beats coconut and you did it up perfectly! Way to go!

  12. Kristy I think you are so creative with your recipes. I enjoy tagging along in the creative process! I have always wanted to make coconut kaya jam, but I would be afraid I'd eat it all! They both look so tempting! Yummy!

    I think we all had comment issues yesterday...it was so frustrating!

    Cheers! Lyndz~

  13. What a creative idea! I am bookmarking it to try. Thanks, Kristy.

  14. Really looks good! Will try it one day when my sore throat is cured:P

  15. Mmmm....looks awesome and delicious. I love the one with kaya. So sorry to hear what happened to your comments. Hope it's ok now. Have a nice day.

  16. Your blog is full of great recipes! If you ever want to make a cookbook, I would love to help!
    Sally Ford

  17. Yum, I want the jam ones!!!
    And how weird about comments ... I'm glad see that people are reporting their comments reappearing.

  18. Wow, love the idea of having different filling and the coconut on top looks fabulous...will have to try it soon :-)

  19. avec toutes ces gourmandises que tu nous propose je vais devenir très très grosse et je peux dire au revoir au bikini :-))
    mais c'est plus fort que moi il m'est impossible de résister
    bisou et bonne soirée

  20. Belinda : Exactly! Thank you so much.

    Lassi : Thanks alot and sorry to know that everyone was facing the same problems too.

    3HTummies : Hopefully, they all reappearing soon!

    Claudia : haha.... what a great self control! I'm truly amazed. Yeah, hopefully google will get them fix soon.

    Jess : Thank you very much. Hope you will enjoy every single bit of them. =o)

    Drick : You can have all! hehe....

    Pam : You're right! Coconut is just so addictive huh.

    Lyndz : Have you ever tried kaya jam? Oh that is something so irresistible too. Once you started it... you wouldn't want to stop!

    Angie : Hope you like it too!

    Jeannie : Poor dear, hope you're getting well soon.

    MaryMoh : Thank you veyr much. Enjoy!

    Platte : Welcome to my little space! You have a very interesting site. Will keep in touch.

    Trix : Glad you like them too!

    Juliana : Thank you so much. Hope you wil enjoy it.

    Fimere : Merci, dear! Probably, its a good reason to go naked! haha..... Just kidding!

    Thanks so much for visiting everyone. Hope your comments will reappearing soon. Have a wonderful day!

    Best wishes, Kristy

  21. Wow - I am having just toast with butter and kaya for my breakfast right now, and now, it doesn't taste so good LOL

    This is AMAZING Kristy! You are amazing. You should SO take up that publishing offer ;)

  22. I love the double textures in this dessert. The kaya would give the double coconut effect too. :) You always make good dessert Kristy.

  23. Oh another one of your great creations! you are unstoppable! gorgeous cake, especially with the coconut layer! hmmm...missing messages? that is weird, hope it's not a virus! I have a virus phobia since I got one a couple of months ago.

  24. Ooooh, that look so yummy. This is a recipe I definitely want to try. I love anything with lots of coconut.
    *kisses* HH

  25. Kristy,

    That's an awesome recipe! Btw, I also had the same comments error for the last 2 days, luckily I kept following my comments via mail notification, phew~!! Glad the problem resolved now.

    I have some questions regarding your previous rocky road ice cream cake,
    1. Where to get the sugared almond praline, can it be substituted with other ingredient?

    2. Is that ppossible if I add vogurt into the ice cream batter?

    Thanks you and please have a wonderful weekend!

  26. Denise : Are you kidding me! haha...

    Tana : Yes, indeed! Glad that you like it too.

    Silvia : All the messages came back this morning. Thank goodness!

    HH : Simply irresistible,right? hehe....

    Alice : All the comments came back this morning.
    (1) Sorry, those are homemade almond praline. You can omit that or replacing it with toasted crashed almond/biscuit crumb.
    (2) I think yogurt should be alright because the texture isn't very watery at all.

    Thank you everyone for visiting me today and glad you like the slices as much as I did. Hope you're all having a fabulous day.

    Blessings, Kristy

  27. ohhhhh, they looks simply splendid...! I want to devour them right now dear.

  28. What gorgeous slices! they must be divine! I love bars...



  29. Kristy, your bar cookies look fabulous. I've bookmarked the recipe and will try them this weekend. The problem with comments is not just yours. We can safely assume it is a "blogger" problem. The comments you lost will eventually reappear. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  30. Another of your creations, Kristy! Looks yummy, 2 in 1 slices. My comments went missing too but resurfaced yesterday.

  31. I don't know about your comments, Kristy, but blogspot is acting really strange today. I have made several comments only to be told there was an error. And, it's SLOW today.

    I love the meringue topping on these bars! Yum. I actually like bars more than cookies! The jam layer would be fun to experiment with too.

  32. That's so weird about the comments! Sometimes mine play tricks on me too - but the problem usually fixes itself in a day or two. These cakes look insanely good Kristy! I wish we were neighbors!!

  33. Amazing desserts!

    Sorry about your comments. I have lost comments before, but usually most of them come back after a while...

  34. Hi Kristy,
    may I know how many grams is your 1Cup? The batter was really dry. It looked nothing like yours :( It's still baking, I hope it will turn out good.

  35. The batter was more of a cookie batter, it took quite some time to cook. I had to take it out from the oven and slice the sides and cook the middle part separately. But that may be because I doubled the recipe :P
    It's really good! I couldn't resist having bite after bite. Thanks for sharing this.
    May I know how many grams is a cup of flour?

  36. Jay : Thank you & glad you like it too!

    Rosa : Thanks alot!

    Mary : Oh yes, the comments came back yesterday and same to you.

    Cheah : Thank you! Yeah, it's all came back yesterday.

    Barbara : Thank you very much!

    Reeni : Yes, it's all fixed up already! Thanks alot.

    Andrea : Everything has back to normal already! Thanks alot.

    Tracie : I'm using 1-1/3 cups of flour and its equal to 185gm. Means one cup is equal to 138gm. Hope you get what you're looking for. Btw, you need a bigger tray (9x13")when you double up the recipe or you can use two 9" square tray. Wishing you all the best, dear!

    Thanks everyone for visiting and glad you enjoy the recipe. Hope you'll have a great weekend.

    Have a nice day!

    Cheers, Kristy

  37. You make them sound so good! I've never had macaroons before, but the topping looks really yummy!

  38. I love that you made two flavors in the same pan. Great idea. They do look heavenly!

  39. WHOA! This is out of control delicious looking! It's like all my favorite textures and flavors in one dish! I've never seen anything like this, but it is gorgeous. Makes me want to jump through the screen!

  40. Such lovely textures! Great idea having 2 sides =)

  41. Great idea in combining the slice with macaroon mix. Brilliant idea and I can imagine the crumble taste at the bottom and chewy on top.

  42. Kristy - you are just an amazing baker. Everything is always so scrumptious - of course, I want these! My blogging is on-again and off-again, so I missed the problem with blogger. Thank goodness! Something I didn't fret about because I didn't know!

  43. Hi Kristy! I find it so funny when you said 20 missing comments is a serious problem! Hahah. So cute! How have u been? Great i hope. wah, these layered slices looks more like 3 in 1 than 2 in 1! Sure thing these are perfect for tea time!

  44. OMG. I want these, I was perfectly unhungry a few minutes ago, and now I see these and I'm salivating. I am going to try these out for sure. Thank you so much for sharing!

  45. I seldom follow recipes exactly too, I make personal changes, but it'll be nice to link back or just state the source of inspiration, maybe Flavours Magazine or Women's weekly or a certain website, even it's not a direct link to the recipe. When I copy a recipe from the net, I always copy the link in too, so that I know the source for future reference.

    Have a nice day.

  46. Von : Thank you, dear.

    Barbara : Glad you like it too!

    Patty : Hmm...yeah..absolutely heavenly!

    Pigpigcorner : Thanks alot.

    Icook4fun : Yes, it was so delicious! Hope you'll enjoy it too.

    Claudia : I'll send you a few slces! hehe....

    Joslyn : How are you, sweetie? Haven't heard from you for a very long time. Oo...3 in 1 sounds good to me! haha....

    Allie : Hope you'll enjoy this as much as I did! Have fun!

    Wendy : Is it matter where's the recipes from? Maybe I think differently or what! I prefer to go without the old references so that I can force myself to go further more in my own creativity. Yes, I'm challenging myself. Everyday I'm very much looking forward to something new and I also hope to come up with something amazing for my self satisfaction. So, never ever look back! The only thing I need is that 'click'! And that's why I enjoy baking so much.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by and spending your time with me. Hope you're all having a fabulous day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  47. Kristy, thank you so much for the birthday wishes, you are so kind :).

    Your bread look delicious and interesting to try.

  48. Super awesome recipe Kristy!
    Yes in my blog also I face that problem but later on it was fine. So don't worry !
    Love always!

  49. okay - totally over the top - i am taking a bite out of that last photo you posted - incredible! foodie love from the north! miss megan

  50. These are great! I know they would disappear in minutes from any football food buffet - or any other buffet for that matter!
    Thanks for linking them up on Tailgating Time! :-)

  51. Kristy thanks so much for adding these to Tailgating Time! Anything that you bring to the party wouldn't last long! Yum!


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