Homemade Silky Seaweed Egg Tofu With Minced Chicken Oyster Sauce

Anyone of you love having Japanese Egg Tofu??? And have you ever thought of making your own egg tofu? Just imagine how easy it is to make it at home. I have to thank Elin for sharing this lovely and easy to prepare silky egg tofu. It is simply delicious.

Here's the recipe as follow.
Ingredients for Seaweed Egg Tofu :
500ml fresh soy milk
6 eggs, beatened
1/2 tspn salt
1 tbsp crashed dried seaweed

Method :
(1) beat beatened eggs, soy milk, seaweed and salt untill well mixed.
(2) pour mixture to two prepared 5" tray lined with plastic sheet.
(3) steam for 10 mins over medium heat.
(4) and then leave cool.
Place cooled egg tofu to a large plate. Don't worry, the tofu can be easily released from tray. I think mine is a little over cooked. he...
Ingredients for Minced Chicken Sauce :
150gm minced chicken
3 tbsp vegetarian oyster sauce
1/2 tbsp light soy sauce
1/8 tpsn pepper powder
2 shallots, sliced
1 tbsp chopped garlic
1/2 bell pepper, diced
*thickening : 1/2 cup water + 1 tspn cornstarch

Method :
(1) preheat wok/frying pan with enough cooking oil.
(2) stir in sliced shallot and chopped garlic, saute untill fragrant.
(3) add in minced chicken and continue cooking for another 2 mins over medium heat.
(4) stir in other seasoning and thickening, cook untill thickened.
(5) finally, stir in diced bell pepper and off the heat.
(6) place sauce over the tofu and serve.

Frankly, I can have the whole lot of this with just some white rice! Hmm...mm.... soooo tempting!

You can wrap the other half with plastic sheet and keep refrigerated up to 2 days. And try with some other interesting recipes! I'm sure you will love it.


  1. great idea to add seaweed... i love food like that. we made some chilli tofu yesterday with mustard olives.

  2. very interesting,such a creative lady you are!:)happy holidays ,kristy and a happy new year!

  3. I love Japanese egg tofu. I still have 2 packs of this since last week, thinking will cook with minced pork oyster sauce.
    May try to make this one day as i am a fan of tofu.

  4. Very nice Kristy! Especially after all that rich Christmas food - feel so 'jelak' LOL This is so light and refreshing. Nice way to 'detox' before the second round of feasting for New Year!

  5. Oooh...I love Japanese tofu. But you are so creative to add crushed seaweed into it. I think I can eat the whole dish.....not sharing :P Hope you have a great day...enjoy your holiday!

  6. Penny : Chili tofu with mustard olives! That must be so interesting.

    Alison : Same to you!

    WaiKitt : I love tofu with heavy & flavourful gravy!

    Denise : Glad to hear from you, sweetie. Hopefully, you'll be back on track again soon.

    MaryMoh : Same to you!I love eating it in this way alot.

    Thank you ladies for visiting and it's such a great pleasure of seeing you all during this hectic season. Hope you're all enjoying your holiday right at this moment & have lots of fun.

    Blessings, Kristy

  7. Can imagine the lovely texture this is!

  8. I love tofu. Anything made out of soy bean is good for me. I like tofu cook this way too especially the soft and silky kind. Great idea in adding seaweed to it. I am going to do that the next time.

  9. No I not made this but this makes me feel inspired!! Having recently made my own paneer for the first time, I feel up for it. Lovely!

  10. That dish looks scrummy! A very interesting combination.

    Happy New Year and cheers,


  11. I never had egg tofu Kristy! It certainly looks delicious! Would love to try it.

  12. My husband loves Jap taufu, I'll eat any taufu dish cos I'm a taufu lover!;D

    I love you cooked it in Oyster sauce, looks really delicious! Have a nice day Kristy!

  13. What a tasty dish, Kristy! I've never heard about this egg tofu, but I'd love to try it with the minced chicken that I like!

    Thank you for all adorable comments in the Chocorango. Priscilla is resting a little, but I hope she can back as soon as possible, 'cause I really miss her!

    All the best for you and yours! Have a wonderful end of 2010 and a GREAT 2011!

  14. As much as I dislike Tofu you make this look like an amazing banquet of delicious must haves! Happy 2011~~ I may have to break down and try this!

  15. I have never had Japanese egg tofu before. This sounds amazing (I like tofu anyway). You make it look simple enough that I could make it. My daughter loves seaweed she prefers furikake on her rice over anything else, she likes the seaweed in it.

    Does it taste better a little overdone? ;D

  16. I've never had egg tofu but do like tofu very much - especially the silky stuff. Will need to try it. I could scarf down that chicken dish in record time!

  17. egg tofu how interesting, I love the entire dish...the flavors are perfect
    happy holidays!


  18. i like this dish. Healthy and yummy

  19. Not a fan of eggy tofu...but I love the sauce you used for the dish.
    Happy New Year!

  20. I had no idea you could make your own egg tofu. How cool.

  21. This way cool! Tofu and seaweeds! Both are my favorites. Love this recipe. Thanks!

  22. I'll have to make double the recipe cos my boys love tofu too:D I didn't know it was that easy to make!

  23. Kristy, the sauce you've made for the egg tofu sounds delicious and I will probably use it over rice. I have one question. Is that pepper powder red or black? Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  24. I see that this is the shortcut of making tofu at home instead of making it from soy bean. :)
    I love tofu, especially with the seaweed flavor.

  25. Wow I've never made egg tofu before. This looks so nice. I must give this recipe a try. My family lovessss all kinds of tofu. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  26. Kristy, you are indeed very creative. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  27. Ciao Cara, Tantissimi Auguri di Buon Anno, Felice 2011!!!

  28. Hi Kristy! Happy New Year!!!! What wonderful things you've been making lately! Your longan and rose petal baguettes are sooooo gorgeous. I'm trying not to think too much about your beignets, because I'm already eating too much fattening stuff, but this tofu egg recipe with the chicken.....oh my! I could eat this for a week!

    Thanks for so many great ideas!

  29. Hey Kristy,
    I wish we got seaweed here. I've been busy with the festivities, will catch up with your blog soon. A very happy new year to you and your family.

  30. Kristy, this tofu dish looks delicious with the minced chicken...as a matter of fact I just came from Mary's site...lovely.
    Happy New Year to you and your family!


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