Fruity Lemon Festive Mini Cake

There are loads of festive breads, cakes, candies & goodies available during this time of the year. Especially sweet treats make with tons of mixed fruits. I found some of them are way too sweet for us. Of coz, this is my personal opinion. So, why not making something lighter and yet delicious for this festive celebration instead of having such big slice of sweet treat.

By the way, I'm glad I went off for a while. It makes such a big difference! And I am feeling much much more better now. Guess what?! I actually got some surprises from these wonderful ladies when I got home yesterday. Thanks so much Mama Kucing & Heavenly Housewife. You made my day. ((hugs))

And here's the recipe.

Ingredients : (for 24 mini bundt cakes)
200gm butter, softened
250gm sugar
4 eggs
1 cup all purpose flour
1/3 cup dried cherry chunks
1/2 cup dired cranberry chunks
1 lemon zest
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp milk

Method :
(1) combine dried fruits, lemon zest & juice and milk together then set aside for 1/2 hour.
(2) beat butter and sugar untill fluffy.
(3) add in eggs one by one and beat untill well mixed.
(4) stir in the dried fruits and fold in flour, mix well.
(5) place batter into well greased tray and bake at 170'c for 20-25mins.

Then leave the cakes to cool before removing them from tray.

Finally, ganache the top with melted chocolate. The texture of these little cakes are unlike those dundee cake. It's a little dense with crispy crust. It should be great with dark chocolate glazing too. Since it's festive season, so I prefer to put on the green. ^_^

Happy Holiday to all ! Have fun !


  1. Yum! These mini bundt cakes sounds really festive like fruit cakes with dried cranberries and cherries, yum! Love how you pipe the green chocolate ganache over...very festive! Happy holidays to you too Kristy!

  2. Me too!Love the way you decorated your cakes.It really made them looks pretty.I shall bookmark this,but i don't have the bundlt cake pan,hopefully muffin pan is fine too.

  3. this is a cake has Christmas feel !! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you.

  4. these mini -bundtcakes looks very pretty,gorgeous presentation,kristy!

  5. Wow yummy~ Can I have some as tea time snacks? hehehe..
    Early Merry Christmas to you ya!

  6. the mini ones always look cute and admire your frosting!

  7. Happy Holiday to you and family too!^-^ Can I join Hayley and ask for some mini cake for tea, I would like it with coffee!;D

  8. Yes, we all need time off sometimes. Even lazy old me LOL. I am so glad the goodies I sent you arrived. Hope you enjoy them.
    Love the look of your little cakes, they look so sweet.
    *kisses* HH

  9. Looks very festive and I love the way you glazed the top of the mini cake. So pretty!
    And thank you for taking your time to visit my blog with your lovely comments and join the Christmas giveaway. Good luck!

  10. meraviglioseeee... che belle che sono e chi sa pure che buone :-P
    bravissima Kristy.
    Buon week-end.

  11. These are AWESOME! You always know how to make colors pop. Great little gift!

  12. Beautiful little bundt cakes. There do look very festive.

  13. What adorable baby bundt cakes, Kristy. They sound really good...chock full of the things I love this time of year. And the touch of green is the perfect finishing touch!

  14. These mini cakes look festive! I agree with you about too much sugar in our desserts. I normally cut the sugar in baked goods recipe by half to two thirds and they sre still sweet. I only use a quarter of the sugar called for if there are dried fruits in them.

  15. What perfect green icing you have on your bundts! What tool do you use to do that?
    I'll take these for dessert tonight! Yummy!

  16. Very adorable Kristy, and very festive! I love the ribbons of green frosting :)

  17. Beautiful and festive indeed ! Not to mention, delicious !

  18. I like this, I really do. Dark fruitcake can just be too rich. Like the mini bundt tin!

  19. Time out is good for everyone from time to time. These look so yummy. Diane

  20. Your mini cakes are so sweet - without being too sweet. I don't like the ultra rich stuff - but I do like a taste of the sweet, These fit the bill and charm.

  21. So cute! The green ganache really stands out - just pefect for the festive season.
    Thanks for sharing.

  22. Very festive looking mini cakes, I find it very hard to get the cakes out of the mould without the paper did it so well!

  23. Bee : Thank you & same to you!

    Wai Kitt : You can get the cheap & quality mini bundt pan at MyDin. If not mistaken, I got it less than $10.

    Sonia : Ya, it's getting near. Isn't it!

    Simona : Thank you!

    Hayley : You're always welcome! & same to you.

    Lena : Thank you!

    Alice : Haha... no worries! Juan Juan is ready to make some for you ladies. haha....

    Ann : You're welcome. I think I've been away for too long already. lol!

    Claudia : Thanks!

    Betty : Thank you! & same to you.

    Belinda : Thank you! Glad you like them too.

    Gert : I think we always love fancy stuffs. :o)

    Biren : This recipe contains of high level of sugar too but less dried fruits. And that's how it makes the crust so crisp. But still can try cutting down to 200gm. Probably the texture won't be the same.

    Divya : Thank you very much!

    Amy : Welcome to my humble little space. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Denise : ME...adorable! Of coz, I am adorable. I'm also a sweetie pie! HAHAHA.... Just blaughing! :o)

    Elra : Thank you, kakak!

    Adora : Welcome to my little space! Thank you so much for visiting and hope to hear from you more often.

    Diane : Thanks! Yes, I haven't been away for almost a year. And I'm glad I did.

    Claudia : Thanks and hope you will like it. :o)

    Jet : Thank you very much!

    Jeannie : Thank you! The Tips : You need to grease the pan with butter first and then dust the butter coating with flour. Yes, meaning double coating, butter & flour. You'll see the difference how's baked good came off so easily.

    Thank you everyone for spending your time here with me. I'll try my best to catch up with all of you. Hope you're all having a fabulous holiday and have lots of fun.

    Blessings, Kristy

  24. Amy at TheSceneFromMe,

    Sorry, I missed your question! I'm using common plastic pipping bag for the ganaching. The tips : only ganache the melted chocolate 15 mins (at room temp. 29'C) later after melting. Make sure the melted chocolate isn't too runny when pipping it.

    Hope you get what you're looking for.
    Cheers, Kristy

  25. eh..arent these looks like the kuih usually in white and green color with coconut ones? You have improved it ah. Looking great :D

  26. Glad to see you back feeling energetic and completely recharged. Beautiful jade-green ganache.
    p.s going to my in law for the X'mas.

  27. Kristy, your mini bundt cakes look cute. Mmmm, I'll be looking out for this tin too. Glad to hear that you're now refreshed and 'recharged' after taking a break!

  28. What a beautiful little cake and so festive for the season with your pretty green icing. Love the addition of tart cranberries because I'm not a big fan of very sweet desserts either.

  29. What a cute cake!! It is always good to get away for awhile :)

  30. These would be a perfect dessert treat for when we celebrate St.Patrick's marking for later ;o)

    Ciao for now,

  31. These are darling little cakes, so fun and festive.


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