Dundee Cake

What do you know..... it"s Christmas day!!! So, I'm here to wish all my foodie friends Merry Christmas & Happy holidays! Hope you all have a fantastic time with your family & friends. Though I'm not celebrating X'mas, I love this kind of festive season too. It's fun! It is also the best time to learn more about western cooking and baking. Probably, I could use the recipes in my coming Chinese New Year as well. hehe... Our Chinese New Year is fall on the 14th February 2010! Yes, exactly the same day on Valentine's Day. Much fun huh....two celebrations on the same day! However, make sure you guys have lots of fun and food as well.... say 'CHEESE'! haha....

Ingredients :
400gm mixed fruits (washed & drained)
50gm crashed walnut
50gm crashed pistachio
3 large eggs
150gm butter
100gm sugar
150gm all purpose flour
1/2tspn baking powder
2 tspn rum/brandy

Method :
- rub mixed fruit with rum and set aside.
- combined baking powder & flour together in a bowl.
- cream butter & sugar untill fluffy.
- beat in eggs one by one and mix well.
- fold in flour & mixed fruits & nuts, mix till well combined.
- pour into a 9"loaf tray and bake at 150'c for 1-1/2 hours.
- leave to cool before remove from tray.
- double up the ingredients if you're using 8" round baking tray.

Well, here's a little yummy treat for this special season. Dundee cake is a traditional Scottish fruit cake with rich flavour. But the sweetness of this fruit cake just nice cause I have the mixed fruits washed thoroughly before used and I've also cut down the usage of sugar. And the addition of nuts just perfect! So, enjoy and have a marvellous time!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone!!! =D

Best Wishes, Kristy


  1. wow Dundee cake looks great I grew up near Dundee


  2. That looks great to me! I love fruit cake! Thanks for the recipe and beautiful pictures!

  3. Whah....thumbs up for you for making Dundee cake. I'm here and never made that. Dundee is just about 1+ hour drive away. Looks very delicious. Would love it with a cup of hot coffee now. Thnaks very much for your greetings.

  4. Such a divine cake filled with goodies!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. It's so fruity! Love the cake. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you too :)

  6. Can you believe I live in England and I've never had a dundee cake?
    Happy holidays.
    *kisses* HH

  7. wah..your fruit cake is really full of fruits.. so this is dundee fruit cake?

  8. Looks absolutely scrumptious...merry christmas to you all also, hope you had a nice day. this cake has to be delcious by just looking at it! yum

  9. What a pretty fruit/nut cake. Delicious combination!

  10. Cant wait to see what you make for chinese new year :) hope you are having a great week end. Ps why do they call it a dundee cake?

  11. Peanutts : It was named after the Scottish town Dundee, this is a rich fruited cake with a golden brown crumb colour. It is said to have been a by-product of a marmalade manufacturing plant also in Dundee in the early Nineteenth century. The availability of orange peel was incorporated into a cake batter along with sultanas, brown sugar and butter. The top of the batter has concentric circles of split almonds placed on before baking, which makes this cake instantly recognisable. For further info, you could check out the site!
    Cheers, Kristy

  12. Merry Late Christmas, Kristy!!
    Would you be surprised that because of the horror stories that surround the fruit cake, I've never actually eaten one.
    WE got a fruit cake one year that was used as a doorstop for a month until we remembered that is was food. lol

  13. I LUV fruitcake. This looks full of all the goodies I love!

  14. Is there nothing you bake beautifully? I happen to love all kinds of fruitcake and this this looks absolutely delicious! I might have to make this even though Christmas is over.

  15. What a rich-dense spectacular winter cake. Oh it would do very well in wintery,snowy Minnesota where it is 18 degrees F out. Of course, it coud be orse - it could be 18 below zero F. You can see why I crave your cake.

  16. i looks wonderful and comforting. i can just imagine myself on a couch with the whole loaf on my plate and munchin away while watching criminal minds with my boyfriend. such a gorgeous dish!

  17. dundee cake this area very tasty and appetizing, like many
    see you

  18. Oh dear! I have to pass on this one, Kristy, I just don't like candied fruit! But it sure looks good!

  19. Wow, Dundee cake! Haven't tried it before. It looks moist and delicious.

    Belated Merry Christmas and hope you'll have a happy new year!

  20. Nice and delicious moist cake. It looks very festive as well!
    Merry Christmas and happy new year.

  21. This look great and full with mixed fruits.I haven't make this before.

    Merry X'mas and Happy Holiday to you and your family!

  22. This cake sure looks delicious. How do you manage to slice it up so neatly? I always have a hard time slicing up fruit cakes, messy and crumbly. I always cut up the fruits to smaller pieces before soaking them with rum or brandy and even tried cutting up the cake with a serrated edge knife but still...

  23. Love Dundee cake! Yours looks deliciously moist. Merry (belated) Christmas and a Very Happy New Year, Kristy!

  24. It is a stunning cake. You did a great job.

    Happy New Year, Krissy.

  25. This looks so absolutely delicious. And the colours of the candied fruit are so well retained too.
    Happy New Year!

  26. You are very generous with your mixed fruits!


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