More Christmas Shopping !

More Christmas Shopping Spree......

~ Christmas Cookies ~
~ Christmas Fruit Cakes ~
~ Cake Pudding ~
~ More Cakes ~
Are you salivating now???
~ Delicious Candy Gift Packs ~

~ A Little Bit of Everything ~
~ Miu Miu outlet ~
~ Tod's outlet ~
~ Prada outlet ~
~ More Prada ~ (I think these teddy bear key chains just nice for Christmas gifts!)


  1. Prada, miumiu~~~:-)) You for sure have an expensive taste! I love prada!

  2. Ooo...I love going shopping with you!

  3. Salivated more at the cakes than the Prada. I have unfulfilled expensive tastes though. You helped me fulfill them!

  4. The only thing better than window shopping is going through those doors and having a shopping spree.

  5. Lots of good stuff here Kristy. Did you do a lot of shopping? I'm also back from my 3 day vacation from Boracay. Now, I'm swaped with orders of mochi. I think I won't be sleeping at all :D

  6. Great pictures and Singapore is still as nicely decorated as ever.

  7. Lyndsey, Laura, Claudia & Mary,

    I can just drool over the pictures right now! Not buying any expensive stuffs.

    Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

    Cheers, Kristy

  8. Divina : Sounds fabulous! Business getting better huh! Do you need a helper??? I'm still jobless.

    Jeannie : Thanks for stopping by and have left you a message on the previous post regarding the 'Ma Lai Go'.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Cheers, Kristy

  9. So glad you are back :), I see loads of great things i like: food and handbags are my favourite things. You can put food in you bag, and you can wear bags even if you get fat from food LOL. Hope you got yourself something special.
    Thank you so much for the lovely card. I got it today!
    *lots of kisses* HH

  10. what a nice shopping adventure..yes, yes, I'm salivating over the cakes and baked goods..and those expensive brands too :)

  11. the chistmas goodies looks so good! yum!

  12. Looks like you had a great time window shopping. The cakes are mouth watering.


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