Homemade CRoNut

Yeapie.... Finally, CRONUT has landed in Malaysia. haha.... Another challenging work in the kitchen of My Little Space. I first learned about cronut was long ago but have never thought of making my own at home. I always feel dizzy whenever looking at those layers....which also means lot of work is involved. :o(  However, after working on some danish bread recently I felt more confident and thought of giving it a shot. Cronut is actually comes from the combination word between croissant & doughnut. It makes sense cause CRO + NUT  >o< And also means making doughnut with croissant pastry. Gotcha !? But today, I would like to try it with a danish pastry dough. So, very much looking forward to the outcome.

Here we goooo....
Ingredients :
2 cups  bread flour
1-3/4 cups  all purpose flour
1 tspn  salt
1 TB  yeast
2 tspn  vanilla paste / essence
3 egg yolk
1 cup  milk
2 TB  cooking oil

*300gm  pastry margarine (for folding)

Method :
(1)  combine all ingredients except margarine, stir to form soft dough and knead till smooth.
(2) then set aside to rest for an hour or till double in size, keep dough cover.
(3) once its ready, punch dough to release air and knead till smooth.
(4) finally, place dough to a slightly floured working table and roll into equal square shape.
(5) place pastry margarine to the center and wrap & sealed it nicely with dough.
(6) now, roll dough into rectangle shape around 15x9" size. For further folding details, please click here.
(7) after completion, you can either keep dough refrigerated till the next day or you may roll the dough out straight away & cut it with a doughnut mould.

(8) then again leave dough rest for about an hour or till the dough puffs up.
(9) preheat wok or a pot with enough cooking oil and fry them over low heat till golden brown.
(10) finally, coat cooled cronut with cinnamon icing sugar & then top with frosting.

I think my homemade cronut is too crispy & crunchy which is NOT so right ! If not mistaken, it should be fluffy soft the inside and crispy on the outer layer. Wonder...my guessing is RIGHT???? Can anyone tells me? Anyway, the difference between the usage of butter & pastry margarine too will affected the result. I believe butter will gives softer texture to the dough. Maybe, will try the croissant dough the next time.
I'm sending this to Wild Yeast Blog @ Yeastspotting.


  1. Kristy , your homemade cronuts look wonderful ! Just like the real thing :D I've seen a cronut recipe from Yahoo Shine few days ago and planning to try it if I'm not too busy ....

  2. I love this! thanks for sharing Kristy! :)

  3. You made CRoNuts Kristy! I want one (in case you're wondering, yes I'm whining:) A CroNut would go just perfectly with my morning coffee. And yours looks heavenly!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  4. Hi Kristy, I have not eaten cronuts but yours look awesome. Well done, it look so inviting. Wish I can have 2 pieces now. :))

    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  5. What an amazing n tempting ....

  6. Too complicated for me :-) Can I come and try some of your please. Have a great weekend. Diane

  7. Amazing layers, Kristy. Your pastries are always so stunning.

  8. Oh Kristy .. CRoNut looks so yummy ...{panting} got to have some {drooling} PLeassse save me one .

  9. Looks awfully delish...I had heard so much of these Cronuts... will try them out soon..thks for sharing e recipe ^^

  10. hey Kristy, right or wrong, your cronut looks fantastic!! :) Never tasted that before in my whole life.. as yet.. hahaa..

  11. Wow so many layers! That is a lot of hard work.

  12. You are making me sooooo jealous! Can you send some over please?????

  13. First time seeing these cronuts. Must try one of these days.

  14. Delicioso me encanta esas capas y crema,saludos y abrazos.

  15. Your version looks every bit as good as the ones in the New York Times!

    Thanks for visiting me on Louise's picnic day. I am now back home in Michigan but still blogging about my recent trip to Paris, which kept me from looking at all the other dishes on the picnic spread!

    mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  16. Cronut ? Looks delicious , doesnt matter if its not all perfect, looks perfect enough for me to eat :)

  17. Wow! Looks good. Finally see a post on cronut!

  18. I have heard of cronut but never temp to make it, but now you have temp me to make it, hehehe. I never like pastry magarine because the artificial smell, try with unsalted butter, it will smell good !

  19. Wow, your cronut looks very inviting. Thumbs up, Kristy!

  20. it is only recently i heard abt cronuts from edith..i guess they must be very delicious since they are like so popular :)

  21. I've always wanted to try making cronut but haven't so especially with the kids off from school...too busy to work on those layers. I think your guess could be right, try with butter next time and I hope you'll get the result and text you were looking for. I can't wait to see your next post if you make them again.

  22. wow salute you for trying the cronut! amazing.. butter flavour & margarine is definitely different, texture wise I'm not too sure though

  23. Hi Kristy, your cronut looks perfect and coming from you I would expect no less! I love how you jump into each project that you do. I am so sad that I've missed so much here, and I really need a week or so just to catch up on all your amazing posts. Take care, XOXO Lyndsey

  24. wow great job and I just tweeted @DominiqueAnsel the chef who made it ;-) I think he will love it


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