Crispy Five Spice Pork (Non Halal) 香喷喷的五香炸肉

The young ones are carnivores ! They like meat especially my boy. He like anything fried and crispy. So, this morning I got two slices of pork belly from wet market, where I don't visit often. It cost me about RM10.00 for these two slices of meat. Quite reasonable though ! Then I need a quick preparation for lunch and thought of making it simple, something crispy and yummy. Please read on for more.
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Ingredients :
2 slices of pork belly
1-1/2 tspn  salt
2/3 tspn  pepper powder 胡椒粉
1 tspn   five spice powder 五香粉
2/3 cup  corn flour

Method :
(1)  wash meat and then pad dry with kitchen towel.
(2)  now, add in salt, pepper & five spice powder and rub all over the meat.
(3)  next, coat meat with corn flour and let to rest for an hour.
(4)  preheat wok with just enough cooking oil to cover half of the meat for frying.
(5)  finally, fry meat till crispy & golden brown. Then sliced to serve.

You know what ! Five spice is always the best ingredient in most Chinese cooking from deep fry to braising. It has the perfect aroma ever.

I bet you won't stop staring at my crispy pork right now.... at this moment ! haha..... So, what else are you waiting for ! Just do it. Enjoy & have fun.


  1. I am so HUNGRY! That crisp skin looks absolutely irresistible!


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