Coconut Custard Slice

A tropical kind of coconut custard! I think coconut is a fantastic ingredient in all kinds of bakery and cooking because of the aroma produced. But the bad news is coconut milk isn't very generous to your heart! So, it is to advise not to take coconut milk too often. However, you can use coconut extract for flavouring instead! It's better than nothing, right! So, here we go....

Ingredients for Bottom Layer :
1 cup self-raising flour
1 cup desiccated coconut
1 cup brown sugar
125gm butter, melted

- combine flour, coconut and brown sugar and mix well.
- add in sugar and stir till combined.
- press mixture over a 9" baking tray.
- bake for 15 mins at 180'c.
- leave to cool.

Ingredients for Custard Filling :
4 eggs
1 cups milk
1 cup coconut milk
1 cup flour
1 tspn baking powder
2/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup butter, melted
Method :

- combine flour, baking powder and sugar together.
- in another bowl, beat eggs, milk, coconut milk and butter untill well mixed.
- add in the dry ingredients and mix well.
- pour the mixture over to the shortbread crust.
- bake for an hour at 180'c
- leave to completely cool before slicing.

Hm...mmm... I'm sure you know exactly what it was like! Such fabulous aroma!


  1. That's a very thick layer of pudding! Awesome! I always like to use pudding as a filling or topping for a coffee cake, unbelievable perfect for a pot of strong coffee and chitchat in a rainy windy afternoon!

  2. it's wonderful, kristy!i love coconut flavour!

  3. Hey, this is a recipe i've been looking for for a very long time! Thanks you so much!!!!!!!!

  4. coconut is my favorite this sounds delicious and you are right I can just imagine how good this is.....awesome recipe!

  5. I love how you make all this wonderful, decadent food and are worried about our heart. You're so sweet! So when do you find the time to do all you do? Work through the night? he he!

  6. Angie : Sure, we'll find a time to get together! How fun is that!

    Alison : Hope you'll enjoy it!

    HH : You're most welcome!. Hey, maximum 2 slices for yourself huh! Not more than that.

    Pegasuslegend : Thank you very much!

    Lyndsey : Yeah, you're right! Have to do some work out by night lol! HAHAHA....

    Have a wonderful time and Cheers.


  7. I love the thick layer of pudding, such a delicious sounding pie.

  8. Its great and sounds easy. I am going to attempt this. I've never tried a crust and pudding sort of recipe. Love coconut milk (though its not good for the heart)the flavour and taste just gives a great twist.

  9. i love anything with coconut milk.. ... but for my age, i got to be more careful.. lol.. b

  10. Yes, I love coconut. This one has to be very delicious. I need the whole tray :))

  11. Oh Kristy, I am late already! Anymore left?

  12. We love coconut anything, can't wait to try it! Thanks so much Kristy for coming to visit often!
    joy c. at grannymountain

  13. love ur pudding...beautiful click..
    dont let the coconut lovers here ther is a "Coconut has no cholestrol" revolution going on...
    I still stay away from it!!

  14. The smell of coconut is mouth watering, it sure is a rich dessert.

  15. oh this looks wonderful i love coconut had a coconut cake this evening yours looks better!

  16. Looks lovely. We also get a bun here with a coconut and sugar filling, not the custard. I had something like this in a store 7/11 in Thailand. I also liked the crisp crepes they made with this kind of filling. yummy. And it was only 10B at a mall.

  17. Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have lots of great recipes here and I can see that we have similar ingredients available to us. Lots of tropical goodies for me to browse through. I'll be here a while :-)

  18. Mmm.. the coconut flavors must be shining in this heavenly custard slice!

  19. Oh thank-you so much for the award - I always scan briefly but never expect! I shall post this weekend after the four-day cooking marathon is over. This dessert is just luscious. Creamy-coconutty-filled goodness!

  20. The coconut comes by Nature's grace in the same shape as our head: hair outside, soft brain and liquid inside. Infact pure coconut oil can help us strenghtenng and soothing down the brain neurons directly. How? just applying and massaging a little part on the center-top of the head every nite before sleeping; it will penetrate and absorb thru the scalp while also giving a very relaxing sleepin time. Moreover it s really really favorful in recipes just like this cake ~

  21. Hi Ladies,


    p/s. don't get drunk! hehe....

    With Lots of Love,


  22. Radha(HK) : Yes, you're right about the coconut oil. Our local Indian ladies use it to rub their hair everyday. And that's why their hair look so healthy shine! =)


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