Vegetarian 'Siew Bao'

Another week to go, as usual check the fridge and make some clearance before heading for some new stocks. Not much left, just some vegetarian 'char siew' and some red bean paste. I've used the vegetarian 'char siew' to make some 'char siew' filling. I'm not making any 'char siew' steamed bun this round but baked 'siew bao'. 'Siew Bao' is one of our local famous goodies and street food as well, which is usually made of meaty 'char siew' filling with crunchy crust and also with lots of sesame seeds.

**Ingredients for Dough (A) :
250gm all purpose flour
120gm shortening

- combine the ingredients to form a dough, leave aside for 30 mins.
- then divide into 24 portion.

**Ingredients for Dough (B) :
250gm all purpose flour
60gm icing sugar
60gm butter
120ml water

- combine flour, sugar and butter and mix well.
- add in water and knead till form a soft dough, leave aside for 30 mins.
- then divide into 24 portion.

**Method :

- wrap (A) into (B).
- roll dough into long flat sheet, then roll up like Swiss roll.
- turn dough 90 degree and repeat the step again.

-press dough with palm and roll out a circle shape.
- place in the filling and pleat pastry upwards towards the centre.

- brush on egg glaze and sprinkle sesame on top.
- bake 1t 190'c for 20-25 mins or untill golden brown.

Ta... Da..... all done!!! The best is to serve while still hot.
So, 24pcs just nicely shared with my friends and neighbours. My neighbour told me she has put on a few pounds lately due to my daily send in goodies. hahaha.... Luckily, it's not ME!! Dear foodie friends, that's why you must SHARE all your delicious food with your friends and neighbours! hehe....
I've made the vegetarian filling with only mushroom, onion, garlic, sesame seeds and vegetarian 'char siew'(it's soy bean sheet product).

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