Stir Fried Lotus Root With Mixed Veggies

This is something I don't often cook. But still cook occasionally, my hubby likes to eat the sliced lotus root and I like to eat all other mixed veggies in it. Not to mention about the kids, they only eat the lettuce and shrimps! haha... Actually, it's quite a well division dish. Everyone has their little part to dig in! Lotus root is something really nutritious. It's low in saturated fat & cholesterol, high in dietary fiber, vitamin C/B, potassium, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Phosphorus and copper. Lotus root can actually help in maintaining optimum health and weight loss too. Love the words "weight loss"! Perfect for my foodie friends... hehe....

Ingredients :

300gm lotus root, sliced
200gm carrot, sliced
200gm cauliflower, cut in small portion
200gm any fresh mushrooms
200gm shrimps/prawns
1 tbsp chopped garlic
a few slices ginger
1/3 cup water

Seasoning :

2 tbsp 'shao xing' wine
1/2 tbsp vegetarian oyster sauce
salt & pepper to taste

*thickening : 1 tspn tapioca starch + 2 tbsp water
Method :

- run cauliflower & carrot over boiling water for 1 min.
- then remove from boiling water & leave aside.
- preheat frying pan or wok with 4tbsp cooking oil.
- coat sliced lotus root with 2tspn corn starch.
- slightly fry the lotus root over high heat and leave aside.
- use the balance cooking oil and stir in ginger & garlic.
- then add in shrimps and fry untill half cooked.
- stir in all the veggies & water and simmer over medium heat untill a little soft.
- add in seasoning and cook over low heat.
- finally, stir in thickening and off the heat.
- serve with lettuce.
Well, it's a simple dish yet quite presentable though! More to oriental style and flavour.
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