Hakka 'Hee Ban'

This is traditional Chinese Hakka goodies which eaten during any festive celebration. But it's now widely sell in many places as our local street food. The process of making this kind of goodies is very simple with just few ingredients and yet delicious. I used banana leaves as the base because it gives better fragrant. And I have the recipe as follow.

Ingredients :

Starter Dough Ingredients

150gm all purpose flour
1 tspn yeast
150ml water

- mix all ingredients to form a soft dough.
- and leave for fermentation for over night or 10-12 hours.

Main Dough Ingredients

150gm flour
150gm glutinous rice flour
140gm sugar
150gm water

Method :

- mix all ingredients and starter dough together to form a soft dough.

- leave for fermentation for another 4 hours.
- then roughly stir in 1-1/2tbsp corn oil/olive oil.

- divide dough into 14 portion (by using an ice-cream scoop & then roll into round shape)and place it to the banana leaves.
- and leave for another proof for 20-30mins.

- then steam for 15min over high heat.
The best thing about this goodies is the texture that is so nice & soft even after a day or two without chilling.

I've made two batches about thirty pieces. And I'm going to bring all these with me when visiting my in-laws later on. My hubby other eight siblings are going home too, I'm not sure is it enough for all of them!


  1. I like steamed cake, they are usually lighter and healthier. 8 Sibilings?! Wow...believe me, that wouldn't be enough, you gotta make another batch!

  2. So talented! I loved steamed buns when I was in China. Wish I could try these Hakka Hee Ban speamed cookies

  3. Hakka Hee Ban is absolutely the type of food I always look for.
    Delicious and healthy! I will surely try this.

  4. That's something new to me but impressive. Wow eight siblings. I think you need to make more Hakka Hee Ban.

  5. I like to eat this!Not only during festive cerebration,i also can bought it from hawker stall easily.

  6. I have never had this before! I must make this. Very interesting. Can I put any stuffing?

  7. Wow I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet you as there are so many things to be introduced to...These are one of the. A very impressive art at that thank you for sharing with me...beautiful

  8. How fun to learn about these new treats - they look absolutely scrumptious!

  9. I had not heard of these before visiting your sight. It's always such fun to "discover" a new food.

  10. Very pretty, I'd love to try some :)
    Have a great weekend.
    *kisses* HH

  11. I think you have to make extra batches for all of us...haha...

  12. very interesting for me!it looks so beautiful in these leaves!

  13. I never had this delicious sounding cake before. It look very tempting, and perfect for celebration.

  14. yummy and I love the way you wrap them on in banana leaf

  15. I have never tried or heard of Hakka Hee Ban until this blog post. I am thinking that I am missing something very tasty.
    As always, a great recipe idea.

  16. You amaze and delight me. I would love to have some right this minute, Scrumptious!

  17. that's a lot you made. Is it for business? I love them. I should just drop by for some :)

  18. Wow..this is nice..steamed bun are much much healthier. Thanks for this hakka hee ban. Will try this out one day. into my To-do list for the time being:p

    By the way thanks for the batch :)

  19. Looks absolutely delicious. Do you also make the sticky rice with mango? Do post that recipe too. It is difficult to get the sticky rice here, but I shall try.

  20. Hi ya Ladies,

    I'm so sorry for the late reply. I was busy with some gathering and wedding functions during the weekend. Wow, thanks a lot for all the nice words. I'm glad you all enjoying it very much. And hope that you'll have fun!

    Have a wonderful day.

    Cheers, Kristy

  21. Penny : yes, you can always add in some stuffing. Just be careful with the dough. It's not easy to handle lol!

  22. I like this kuih, never knew what's it called. Soft and light, and not too sweet.

  23. I'm really late in my comment, been busy too. These look beautiful! I love celebration food. Did you make a third batch for us? hehe!

  24. These are so moist and yummy looking! Your lucky family!

  25. This is an interesting one - I've not heard or tried before. Thks for sharing!

  26. AAAH I love eating these Kristy!! If only everything we made was nonperishable hahaha then I could send you thanksgiving and you could send me these. NOM NOM NOM!!

  27. Hi,
    Thanks for posting the recipe. Like my mum used to make. She used to make sweet and salty version. Wished I had written her recipe down and watch her how it was made. Now she is not here, it is difficult to find traditional desserts and snacks. None of my cousin can make them. By the way, what is All-purpose flour? Is it plain flour?


  28. Hi Rose, thank you very much for visiting. I am very sorry about your mom. Hopefully, this will bring you back some sweet memories of her. And yes, all purpose flour is those common plain flour we used everyday. Hope you will like it and have fun!
    Blessings, Kristy


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