Hakka 'Hee Ban' 客家喜粄

This is traditional Chinese Hakka goodies which eaten during any festive celebration. But it's now widely sell in many places as our local street food. The process of making this kind of goodies is very simple with just few ingredients and yet delicious. I used banana leaves as the base because it gives better fragrant. And I have the recipe as follow.

Ingredients :
Starter Dough Ingredients
150gm all purpose flour
1 tspn yeast
150ml water
(mix all ingredients to form a soft dough, then leave fermentation for over night or 10-12 hours)

Main Dough Ingredients
150gm flour
150gm glutinous rice flour
140gm sugar
150gm water

Method :
(1) mix all ingredients and starter dough together to form a soft dough.

(2) leave for fermentation for another 4 hours.
(3) when done, stir in 1-1/2tbsp corn oil/olive oil till well cooperated.

(4) divide dough into 14 portion (by using an ice-cream scoop & then roll into round shape)and place it to the banana leaves.
(5) then leave to rest for another 20-30mins.

(6) finally, steam for 15min over high heat.

The best thing about this goodies is the texture that is so nice & soft even after a day or two without chilling.
I've made two batches about thirty pieces. And I'm going to bring all these with me when visiting my in-laws later on. My hubby other eight siblings are going home too, I'm not sure is it enough for all of them!
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