Sweet Min's Bread

First of all, I would like to make a special thank to Laura @ Laura's Paris Cooking Notebook for taking me to the ride, in a few minutes trip to the bread shops nearby her living area. That is so kind of her and I am really really appreciate it. Do drop by her blog to check out the famous French bread!!! Those breads are just so gorgeous! How I wish I was there. For the time being, I need to fix my crave and finally made myself something nice. This bread of coz is totally unlike the French breads which is sweet and soft. And here's the recipe.

Ingredients :

300gm high protein flour
2 tspn yeast
1-1/2 tbsp sugar
1/2 tspn salt
1 tbsp milk powder
2 tbsp kaya (can or homemade)
1 large egg, beaten
100ml + 2tbsp milk
20gm butter
70gm mixed fruits/raisins
1 tbsp pandan extract (non colouring type)
Topping ingredients :

30gm butter
30gm sugar
60gm flour

Method :

- combine milk, pandan extract, kaya and egg and stir well.
- stir in the dry ingredients to form a soft dough.
- leave to proof for an hour or untill double in size.
- punch out the air and knead for another 1-2 mins.
- place the dough into a 9" loaf tray.

- combine all topping ingredients and mix till well combined.
- sprinkle the butter mixture to the bread dough and leave to proof for another 30-45 mins.
- then bake at 185'c for 20-25mins or untill golden brown.

- remove from tray and leave to cool before slicing.

It is a nice soft bread freshly from oven! A little butter should do great on it ....mmm... mm... And of coz, I'm expecting more from Laura in her future posting ..... more breads, more French pastry and more French desserts. Well, Laura, you going to get really busy busy busy! haha.....


  1. I would love to dig into that bread. Everyone who knows me, know I am crazy about any kind of bread. And I like your header picture of a hot dog!! Thanks for dropping by at my blog.

  2. Hi

    This bread looks gorgeous, wish I can have a piece.

  3. oooh.. my girl is fad about bread too.. she said she doesnt like rice and give her bread, she is most happy.. but the problem is, i got to learn up this.. can i do it? :o

  4. seriously sounds and looks so yummy. I think I can eat the whole loaf!

  5. What a beautiful loaf of bread! Is it good toasted?

  6. Mmmm, this looks so good, especially the crumbly topping!

  7. Radha : Welcome on board! And nice to meet you too. Glad that you're also a big fan of bread like ME! haha... Hope to hear from your more often.

    Cheah : You can have a loaf!hehe... Ill bake myself another one.

    Claire : I'm sure you can do it! Just believe in yourself.

    Penny : I actually ate half loaf! hehe.... =P

    Barbara : I haven't try it on toast yet. Don't have the chance to do so! =D

    Have a nice day & Cheers.


  8. H/Housewife : The most gorgeous loaf of bread. I bet you can't resist!

  9. Can share a piece? Your bread look soft and yummy...

  10. I like the mini loaf idea! They look so moist and deliciuos! Yumm... Talk about how do you loose weight with all these goodies around?

  11. What a lovely loaf of bread. I stopped by your friends blog and it was fascinating as well. I can imagine how flavorful your bread must be with good butter to spread on it.

  12. There's nothing better than a good loaf of bread. Baking bread isn't one of my strong suits so admire anyone who can have the patience to produce something as beautiful as this! How did you get the picture at the top of your blog? I just cracked up laughing when I saw it! Really cute and humorous.

  13. ah,such a beautiful bread...i need a little...

  14. Chin : Of coz, you can! You're a good baker as well. Maybe we can exchange breads someday! hehe....

    Lyndsey : I've taken half loaf! How many calories is that????

    Mary : Thanks a lot!

    Danielle : Welcome on board! Thanks for stopping by. That header pix just fits my title perfectly. Found it at the site. I'm a dog lover. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Alison : Welcome home! Hope you enjoy your trip!

    Baking Monster : Thank you very much!

    Have a wonderful day & Cheers.


  15. What a wonderful bread! It looks scrumptious!

  16. Very healthy and delicious looking bread!

  17. First time in your blog... got a gud presentation...good recipies ..

  18. Oh, there will be more to come .. but I am not that much of a dessert master so I will be taking plenty of pictures!

  19. Great recipe and gorgeous bread!
    I love bread and eat everyday. No bread, no life.

  20. Nice bread :)
    To show my appreciation for your support, please pick the Award from my place.

  21. Kristy,
    Let me give you a title of-
    Great friend you are coming up with one after another great dish.
    May God always fill your heart with lots of love and you share more such lovely recipe.
    Your Always.

  22. Reeni : Thanks a lot, honey!

    Chef : Thank you! Btw, your new kitchen looks terrific.

    Shahana : Welcome on board! Hope to hear from you more often.

    Laura : Thank you so much for taking your priceless time to do all that for me. Always love you! ((hug)) & kisses.

    Christine : Me too! So, we're bread queen, honey! No jokes, I've taken half loaf of it already. haha.... Now, how many calories is that?

    Anncoo : Thank you very much for the award. Really appreciate it.

    Alwayswinner : OMG, me 'My Baking Diva'!!!! hahaha.... Thank you very much for such kind words especially coming from you. Realy really really appreciate it. ((hug)) & kisses.

    Have a wonderful time and cheers.


  23. Everyone wants to have a piece of that loaf Kristy. But for me, can I have the whole loaf?? :D

  24. What a delicious sounding bread. I love all the scrumptious add ins.

  25. That bread sounds so delicious! A couple of slices of that bread slathered in butter and jam would be just divine.

  26. oh great bread you will have to plan a trip to Paris love Rebecca

  27. Mmmmm looks so good!

  28. kaya in the bread dough! greatto know it cause there is a jar in our fridge and didnt know how to use it since 2/3 months,now i know, thank u ))

  29. The bread looks incredibly tasty! Love the fruit addition.


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