Deep Fried Yam Stuffed Chicken

This is one of the dish that they served in my hubby's nephew wedding dinner two weeks ago, at the restaurant. Since my son told me that this chicken dish is awesome good, so I'm going to give it a try. Hopefully, I can get the exact flavour & taste! haha.... And here goes the recipe.
Ingredients :

2 whole chicken breast ( divide into 2 portion each)
salt & pepper

- marinade the chicken breast with salt and pepper.

#Deep Fried Yam Paste Ingredients refer here.

Method :
- preheat non-stick frying pan with 3tbsp cooking oil.
- pan fry chicken untill cook thoroughly.
- leave to cool before spread on the yam paste.
- spread the yam paste to cover the cooked chicken breast.
- preheat a deep frying pan with enough cooking oil for deep frying.
- place the chicken breast to a deep fry rack or bamboo sheet, and slowing place into the hot oil.
- and fried over medium heat. (do not press on the skin)
- remove chicken from hot oil once the yam paste has turned into brown colour.
- the skin should be a little crispy
- then keep them into the oven before serving.
(the skin should be looking like my yam puff, very fluffy. This isn't fluffy enough because I fried them upside down due to lack of cooking oil! )
However, my son said "yes, this is the flavour and aroma!". I think I got it right!!! haha..... This dish is so flavourful that I can eat the whole dish all by myself. Luckily, I'm on diet. Just taken a few slices. That's all! hehe....

Hereby, I would like to thank Anncoo for passing this beautiful award to me. Really really appreciate it and honoured to have you to be my friend. And I'm going to pass this award to all of my foodie friends. I think you all deserved this. Please feel free to pick it up and stick it to your site.

It's a great pleasure of knowing you all and being with you for almost everyday. I enjoy every moment I spent chatting and making fun with you out there for the past few months very very much. And I'm glad I started this blog (which I think I should have started it earlier). This site has actually brought me to another level of my life, my very happy life. My life has suddenly all brighten up because of you. Love you always!((hugs)) & kisses.
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