Ayam Penyet

Hey, sorry guys! I know I've been missing for a couple of days. Terribly busy for the past few days! However, I'm posting a quite interesting recipe today. Hope you will like it! Ayam penyet is originated from Surabaya, Indonesia. The unique feature about this is that the chicken meat is flatten - smashed with using a pestle or wooden mallet. That's why this dish is also refer to as flattered chicken. I just found out this from a review. Quite excited! Can't find this special dish around my living area. So, I've got to try this myself.

Ingredients :
3-4 whole chicken legs

Seasoning (blended) :

2/3 tbsp cumin powder, slightly roasted
2/3 tbsp fennel powder, slightly roasted
3 tbsp coriander seeds, pounded
1-1/3 tbsp curry powder
1-1/3 tbsp turmeric powder
1/2 tspn ground pepper
3 cm ginger, pounded
3/4 tbsp salt

* 1 cup corn flour/starch for coating

Method :

- preheat a pot of water with large onions, carrots, ginger & crashed peppercorn. (do not throw away the water, can be used for making soup)
- boil chicken legs over medium low heat untill cooked.
- remove chicken legs from hot water and leave to cool a little bit before marinade with the blended seasonings.
- then wrap the marinated chicken and leave in the refrigerator for overnight.

- preheat wok/pot with enough oil for frying.
- coat the marinated chicken with corn starch and fry the chicken leg untill golden brown.

- smashed the fried chicken immediately after remove from cooking oil.
- and serve with rice and sambal.

These fried spicy chicken legs look really really crispy and smell terrific too! Definitely, I'll be making this again. Unfortunately, I don't have the sambal with me today. Yet, my family enjoyed it very much!

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