Simple Long Beans Dish

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my foodie friends! Another year to go, hopefully this is a good and blissful one! Try to post this dish on the first day of 2010 and let us go for green.... to better health.

Ingredients :

400gm long beans (washed and cut into about 2" long)
1/2 tbsp chopped garlic
1/2 tbsp chopped scallion
1/2 tbsp chopped ginger
2 tbsp vegetarian oyster sauce
handful of fried anchovies (optional)

Method :

- preheat wok or frying pan with enough cooking oil for frying.
- stir in the long beans and fry untill became soft over medium heat.

- off the heat, remove the beans from the pan and set aside.
- preheat the pan again and reduce the cooking oil to about 2-3 tbsp.
- stir in chopped garlic, ginger & scallion, simmer untill aromatic.
- add in fried long beans and simmer for about a minute.
- off the heat, add in oyster sauce & fried anchovies and stir well.
- And serve.

This is a very simple dish. Yet it's still nice to go with any plain rice or pasta. For me, I would have this with a fried egg and some plain rice, then top with a little caramel dark soy sauce. Yumm.... I told you so! Simple is nice.... So, enjoy the new year!
Best wishes,


  1. These look great. I eat green beans a lot. I really like the flavours you've added. THanks for sharing this one.
    *kisses* HH

  2. Good to see the green! Vegetable dishes are a welcomed sight. Nice recipe for the beans.

  3. wonderful ,kristy!
    a happy,happy new year!

  4. Green! The more the better!
    Happy New Year!

  5. Aiyoh....this is my favourite dish but it's so difficult to find long beans here. Kristy, I must go to you again for it. I love it fried until like over delicious! With ikan bilis....that's even better...yum :P Happy New Year, Kristy! Hope you had fun on the first day of the New Year, 2010.

  6. I am so making this dish!! I have some anchovy paste just waiting to be used! I do like simple yet tasty dishes!

    We are still in our first day of the new year. Here in the south we usually eat blackeyed peas, pork, and greens! I'm putting the pork in the clay baker right now!

    Have the best new year Kristy!

  7. Happy new year.
    My hands are always ready for greens and I love the taste of the long yard beans.

  8. looks wonderful love the addition of the fish
    Happy New Year

    love Rebecca

  9. Kristy,
    I like the way you've cooked the long beans. I've always avoided them not knowing many ways to prepare long beans. Will try out your recipe. A healthy new year to you! God bless you with the deepest desires of your heart!

  10. Happy New Year Kristy. So, are going really green this 2010? I love that dish but I only eat them at restaurants. Time to make them at home. :D

  11. It goes so well with anchovies and knowing me, I will add a lot of sambal to it as well.

  12. Hey I just had a very similar looking dish like this on New Year's day at Esquire Kitchen Restaurant in Mid Valley! They are delicious too!

  13. Looks Delish, must give a try, have bottle of oyster waiting to be using , have been looking for ideas :D

  14. I looooove green beans, never tried with ginger and oyster sauce. Must be very yummy.

  15. What a grand recipe to dress-up a vegetable. Bookmarking this one. Happy 2010!

  16. This looks like a very delicious, healthy and simple dish to start the year. Happy New Year!

  17. More greens! You're so right!
    Happy and healthy 2010 :-D

  18. Happy New Year to you and your family. May this year bring lots of happiness.

    p.s your green beans looks delicious.

  19. Looks great but a bit oily thou.


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