Sweet Crisps

Now, this is my second New Year recipe! Simple and yet very very yummy.... trust me, you guys are going to love this. This recipe is not only simple and yet perfect for any occasions or football night. So, here's the ingredients.

Ingredients :
50 sheets springroll skin (1 pkt)/phyllo sheets
1 egg white, slightly beaten
2 cups icing sugar for coating
cooking oil for frying

Method :
- roll up a springroll skin (or place in a chopstick to help in rolling process).
- brush on some egg white to one end for sealing.

- then cut them in desire shapes.

- finally, fry them over low heat untill light brown.
- leave to cool a little before going for sugar coating.

No jokes, I can finish this up within a minute! It is so flaky which you can see from the pictures. And the whole process is so simple and fast to make. Even your kids can do it! So, have fun!
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