Red Wine Chicken Stew & Pandan Rice

I have made this recipe once not long ago and my kids love it, especially my son. He actually requested me to make this again. Glad that I finally found another great recipe for him!

Ingredients for Chicken Stew :

3 whole chicken legs (I used 1/2 chicken)
Salt & pepper
2 carrots, cut small
2 potatoes, cut small
1 large onion, cubed
3 tomatoes, cubed
1/2 cup tomato paste
3 tbsp tomato sauce
1 cup red wine
1-1/2 cup water (or you can use 2-1/2 cups red wine instead)
1 tspn crashed black pepper
salt to taste

Method :

- marinade chicken with salt & pepper, then fry untill golden brown.
- preheat a pot with enough cooking oil.
- stir in onion and saute untill fragrant.
- add in tomatoes, carrots and tomatoes paste simmer for about one minute.
- stir in wine & water and finally place in the fried chicken.
- let gravy brings to boil and simmer the chicken & carrot untill tender.

Ingredients for Pandan Rice :

2 cups rice, rinsed thoroughly
water for cooking
2 tbsp concerntrate pandan leaves juice
2 drops green colouring (optional)
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp corn oil/olive oil
a few pandan leaves
a pinch of salt
- combine all ingredients into the rice cooker and leave to cook.

Simple Boiled Bean Sprouts :

300gm bean sprouts

1 tbsp chopped garlic

1-1/2 tbsp cooking oil

1/2 tbsp vegetarian oyster sauce

Method :

- rinse bean sprout and have all the skin removed.

- run bean sprout through boiling water, do not boil it, then drained.

- preheat frying pan with cooking oil.

- stir in garlic and saute untill fragrant.

- off the heat, stir in bean sprouts & oyster sauce and mix well then serve.

Ta.... da.... Dinner is ready! Sorry guys, I have to rush over to fetch my kids from school in awhile. So, enjoy and will catch up with you all later.


  1. Wow Kristy, this looks really good. Love the color of the rice and the whole dish. Can you make this for me too? :D

  2. Here is something I never tried. Pandan rice. Well, nothing with pandan. I also never see to sell pandan in Brazil.

  3. Never tried pandan rice. Must smell so nice!

  4. Mmm what a wholesome dish, love the pandan rice! :)

  5. love the color of this, would have never guessed it was green food coloring, love the dish beautifully done as well as tastey sounding!

  6. What a delicious dish! I must try this rice!!

  7. I have frozen pandan leaves, could I use those and then remove them before eating?

  8. Divina : Thanks! I'll invite you next round. hehe...

    Talita : Hi, welcome to my site! Glad that you like this recipe too. Hope to hear from you more often & thanks for stopping by.

    Penny : Yeah, it is! I've once taken this somewhere in S'pore. Wanted to try it myself!

    3HTummies : Thank you!

    Claudia : Thanks! Glad that ou like it too. Green is a beautiful colour.

    Figtree : Hope you'll enjoy it! & Thanks.

    Trix : Yes, you can! Just dump it into the rice cooker with all those ingredients. Remove it when serving!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Cheers, Kristy

  9. love that chicken recipe , looks delish altogether. how do you store excess beansprouts? sometimes the vendour gives a little too much , mostly due to language barrier.

  10. Any extra for me?? Can't wait to try those.

  11. Can't wait to try the chicken recipe! We have bean sprouts in Pad Thai but I've never thought of making them as a side dish, will have to try this soon. Thanks so much for coming to vist GrannyMountain often!

  12. A colourful meal Kristy. I've never used red wine in chicken, will try. My family loved your yam coated chicken, am sure they'd love this too.

  13. Pandan rice! That's very unique! The chicken stew and the rice match perfectly.

  14. Sounds wicked good, I wonder if I can find some pandan around here.

  15. All ur stews rock ...infact i jus simmered a stew from ur blog and it was really good......finger licking goodddd....

  16. ton ragout de poulet a l'air délicieux bravo
    bonne soirée

  17. Oh darn, I miss dinner again?! It looks fabulous!! Don't you just love it twice as much when your kids love it so much that they request it? Nice dinner Kristy!!

  18. beautiful chicken and I bet ever so tasty, sounds like it would be - never had the rice, bet is is awesome

  19. Lovely dish! I have jotted down the recipe to try this weekend:D
    My boys would love it.

  20. Peanutts : I always avoid to buy extra coz unable to keep those more than 2 days. 50 cents of beansprouts are enough for 3 adults! Make sure I can buy fresh for each meal.

    Anncoo : Hope you'll like it!

    Joycee : You're welcome! Love all your articles.

    Shirley : If this is your 1st try then just follow the ingredients as given & avoid to use extra red wine which is not suitable for kids. Hope you'll enjoy it!

    Angie : Yes, they went well together. I like it very much too.

    Bob : I'm sure you could get those pandan leave at any Asian Food Store. Wishing you luck!

    VSSpringfields : Thanks a lot! Hopefully, you'll find something interesting here! Have a good time.

    ADDgourmets : Merci!

    Lyndsey : Thanks! My kids enjoy it very much.

    Drick : Thank you very much for your nice comment. Really appreciate it!

    Jeannie : Good luck and have fun! haha...

    Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

    Cheers, Kristy

  21. This looks like a very warm and hearty dish. Its nice that your kids like this kind of food. Most only want to eat at mcdonalds :)
    *kisses* HH

  22. I can see why your son likes this! Mouth-watering. the rice is new to me - not sure I can find those exact ingredients but wo does it ever sound good.

  23. This looks so yummy kristy. Easy to make too. Well... except the pandan rice. I don't think I can find pandan here in Vancouver. Plain rice will do though:)

  24. I was a bit stunned with the green coloured rice. Does the pandan flavour actually go well with rice? I'm trying to imagine what it'll taste like...

  25. the pandan rice is gorgeous, I love pandan it's one of my favorite flavors.

  26. The pandan rice must be refreshing aromatic while it is cooking....

  27. Beautiful combination of colours. Beautiful meal. I need that for dinner! First time I see pandan rice. Must be very fragrant and delicious. I'll have to try it....can't wait..but no pandan leaves :(

  28. Beautifully prepared and photographed meal. This looks so delicious. I can see why your son would request this again.

  29. This looks delicious & that rice seems a work of Art! I have never tried making the boiled bean spouts, I will now. Bravo! Good post.

  30. Love your rich-looking stew, Kristy, but have no idea what pandan tastes like. And is it traditional to use green food coloring?
    Love learning new things from you!

  31. Everything about that meal sounds good. The rice is interesting - never heard of it (but that seems to be the concensus). Have to try it.

  32. What gorgeous color! This meal sounds delicious. Is the green food coloring traditional? Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  33. Don't you love it when the kids request a meal and it's actually one you like? This looks yummy and I know my son will love it too.

  34. A recipe is always a keeper when your children compliment on how good it tastes. This meal does look really good. I have never heard of pandan leaves(or juice) but, I have no doubt that I would enjoy it.

  35. your kids are real blessed to have such a wonderful mum who knows how to cook so pretty well!!

  36. Wow! That's great Kristy. I love the color of the rice.


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