Spiral Kaya Puff 自制加央角

I used to buy these kind of kaya puffs back home whenever I visit my parents. It's my all time favourite. Now, even hubby and the kids are all loving it as well. I have tried many other of our local kaya puffs around here but nothing can compare to those I had back home. So, it's still the best to make my own. I've tried a few recipes and I think this is one which truly satisfied me.

Ingredients for Pastry Dough :
Dough A
230gm all purpose flour
1 tspn salt
1 tbsp milk powder
100gm water
1 small egg, lightly beaten
1 tbsp margarine
(mix together flour, salt & milk powder in a big bowl. Stir in water, egg and margarine till form a soft dough. Set aside.)

Dough B
230gm all purpose flour
100gm corn oil
(combine both ingredients and stir to well mix. It should be very soft dough but not sticky.)

Method :
(1) divide into 10 portions each then wrap ingredient B into A, sealed nicely.
(2) further process, please follow here.

(3) divide rolled dough into two portion, place the nicely swirl side downwards.
(4) roll flat into oblong shape.
(5) spread on some kaya jam/coconut custard.

(6) fold dough equally and seal the side.
(7) finally, pleat the side for double sealing.

(8) brush with egg glazing and bake at preheated oven 190'C for 10 mins and again brush with egg for the 2nd round and bake for another 10 mins or untill brown.

I think I have to make one more batch soon. Just can't help it! I just love the look of the spiral shape of the crust and also the crispy texture. I also have one more version back then. Hope you will like it too. Enjoy!
I'm sending this to Shaz @ Muhibbah Malaysian Monday event.
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  1. Kristy, long time, I have not eaten kaya puff. Yours look fabulous and make me want to go buy some tomorrow. I will definitely try to make this myself using your recipe. Many thanks for sharing.

  2. You must be feeling better if you are baking like this! I love little dough parcels packed with goodness. I have never had these, but I've had kaya and by the looks it has to be good!


  3. These puffs look amazing!!! So perfect.

  4. I have never eaten a kaya puff, but I want to! That pastry looks like perfection, so flaky!
    *kisses* HH

  5. What a delicious looking treat! May I have one?

  6. Kristy, I love love this. Each time my sisters come to visit I will asked them to buy this and also siew pau for me. I am going to make it this week since I have some kaya and Diana is coming home. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Hi There, This is looking absolutely delightful. Loved the new combo of ingredients and the recipe is so nicely made and presented. Have a great day….Sonia !!!

  8. They look perfect! So puffy and nicely shaped. Now I have the urge to buy and eat one D=. Thanks for sharing.

  9. 记得小时候很常吃到这款 kaya puff,我曾经很想尝试自己做,可是就是不会折这款形状。谢谢你提供这么详细的制作步骤。

  10. Kristy...awww so fluffy and the layers...gosh I shall try out your recipe :)) I can never makes those layers , I tried but somehow it does fluff out like yours. I guess I have to practice more :p

    Have a nice day yourself,

  11. ooo so this is how you make the spiral skin. I alwasy wonder when i see these puff being sold. Wonder how the skin was made

  12. I have read your other version, which would do you prefer? Both looks good but I like the pandan kaya in the other version, thicker so can put more!:P

  13. Mmmm...this is delicious. I was just craving for some kaya puffs yesterday. I wish I can have some right now! See, I need to be your neighbour. I'm sure each time I crave for something, you are there making it...haha. Trust you are well.

  14. 啊....我多想可以吃进嘴里,太漂亮了:P

  15. Love love kaya puffs! You did a great job :) They look really nice!

  16. Love this recipe...i think i plan to make this during my kid school holiday....Must Try!

  17. Terima kasih Kristy for the recipe.Mesti cuba:)

  18. What a delicious treat, Kristy. Your crust looks so lovely and flakey too. I can think of lots of different things to put as filling. I'll be trying these!

  19. Looks awesome. And it's baked too. Wonderful and healthier-than-frying treat! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Those look wonderfulll...Yummmi yummmiii


  21. You make it look so easy but when I do it, I fail... I guess I have to try again

  22. mmmm...flaky puffs :-)) coconut custard sounds really great!

  23. looks perfect! i didnt do a good job the last time i made this, the kaya got leaked out from the pastry and it looks very messy and neacuse of that, it got burnt too!

  24. Your little pies look absolutely delicious. The crust looks so nice and tender. Delicious!

  25. These look really good, Kristy! I also like it that it is baked. Have not eaten kaya puff for a while.

  26. I am very fond of this Malaysian spiral dough. I want to make it again :)

  27. Delicious and drool worthy..tempting me a lot.

  28. Kristy, how about pos laju some over? There's a shop in Ipoh which is famous for this, but I haven't tried it, seems you need to make a booking. I haven't had my breakfast yet, salivating!

  29. These puffs are very beautifully crafted. Very pretty and traditional treats! Yum!

  30. Veron : Glad you like this too. Looking forward to your upcoming kaya puffs.

    Lyndz : I'm feeling a little better today. No more fever but tired.

    Belinda : Thank you! I guess you can probably take a few of these after the 7 days of detoxificcation. haha...

    HH : Thank you very much!

    Andrea : Of coz, you may! How about half dozen! :o)

    Gert : Wow, they actually brought this all the way from M'sia to U.S.! Hope you will enjoy the pastry.

    Sonia : Thank you very much and you too!

    Jet : haha... I hope we have something similar to my pastry here. So, I can save some baking work. ha...

    Elin : I believe you can! Just go ahead.

    kathy : See, bukan senang ya!

    Jeannie : But I prefer this version caouse the crust is crunchier & crispier.

    Mary Moh : Oh wow, glad you 're back! ((hugs)) Will write to you.

    Blue Wale : Thank you very much!

    Jen : Thanks alot.

    Angelina : Have fun, dear!

    CM : Harap2 a kak akan suka! :o)

    Barbara : Looking forward to your coming up version. :o)

    Shaz : Thanks & glad you like it too!

  31. Rita : Thank you so much!

    Penny : All the best, girl!

    Angie : Hmm..mm.. I love the custard very much.

    Lena : I think you're very greedy. Put in too much fillings already. hahaha.... Try to reduce the custard fillings so that it has space to run around the pastry when under hot temperature.

    Cathy : Thank you!

    Biren : I love kaya puff so much that I can eat 6 pieces in on shot! haha...

    Elra : All the best, kak Dewi! Have fun.

    Divya : Glad you like it too!

    Cheah : Ya, I know but have yet tried it. So, you must order more in the future then I can collect from you. haha...

    Zoe : Thank you so much. Do enjoy this little treat.

    Thank you very much everyone for spending your time here with me. I am gettting better today. No more fever but a little tired.

    Hope you're all having a great time. Enjoy!

    Best wishes,

  32. I just love your recipes! This is so delicious.

  33. I hv made these before, but your version looks yummiest!;D

  34. The pastry dough looks perfect! I have to try this!

  35. wow are these ever bakery and restuarant worthy just perfect!

  36. Looks incredibly tasty and appetising.

  37. Looks so yummy. Can't wait to try making them. Question, can the margarine be replaced with butter or shortening?

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for stopping by my humble little space. My personal opinion is shortening works better. Best of luck dear.
      Do check out my latest post Extra Flaky Duo Kaya Puff . I'm sure you will love it too.
      Regards, Kristy

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