Old Fashion Strawberry Butter Icing Cake

I don't quite remember whether if there's whipping cream available in the 70's over here! I don't even remember if my parents ever bought a fresh cream cake for my birthday. All I can remember, whatever the birthday cake I have eaten during that time was a butter cake with loads of butter icing cream. Unlike this days, we have so many to choose from.

I'm sure this cake will brings back loads of sweet memories.
(Recipes adapted from here)

Ingredients for Butter Cake :
227gm butter, softened
1-1/4 cup sugar
6 eggs white (or 220gm)
3 cups all purpose flour
4 tspn baking powder
1/2 tspn salt
1-1/4 cup milk
2 tspn homemade vanilla extract

Method :
(1) combine flour, baking powder & salt in a big bowl.
(2) cream butter and sugar untill light & fluffy.
(3) whisk in egg white one by one untill everything well mixed.
(4) now, stir in vanilla and 1/3 of milk and mix in low speed, alternately add in flour mixture and milk, in 3 additions.
(5) divide batter evenly into 2 x 8" pan, well coated with butter & flour.
(6) finally, bake at preheated oven at 180'C for about 35-45mins or untill the cake tester comes out clean.
(7) keep refrigerated for 30 mins after cooled, before dividing into layers.

Thanks to another special sponsor, finally I have the cake divider to do the job for me. The divider works really well especially NO more falling crumbs! *wink* And of course, hassle free. Just look at the perfect smooth layers. Don't you love to own one too! It only cost RM12.00 per unit. Errrr....excuse me, this is NOT a sponsored post ya! :o)

Ingredients for Old Fashion Butter Frosting :
250gm butter, softened
6 cups icing sugar, shifted
150ml whipping cream
2 tspn strawberry emulco
1 tbsp lemon juice
*red food colouring

Filling : Strawberry Curd

Method :
(1) beat butter and sugar till combined.
(2) whisk in whipping cream untill smooth & creamy.
(3) now, add in strawberry emulco & lemon juice and mix well.
(4) remove about 2 cups of cream into another bowl, then add in a two drops of red food colouring and mix to combine. And place it into a piping bag.

(1) place one layer of sponge onto a display tray, spread on the cream evenly and then follow by spreading on a thin layer of strawberry curd.
(2) repeat the abovemention method untill finished.
(3) and then spread the cream evenly all over the cake.
(4) keep the cake refrigerated for 30 mins before continue on the final decorations with the red piping cream.

I still think the frosting is far too sweet for me, but overall I enjoy the cake very much. Probably, I will replace the frosting by using the swiss meringue cream next round. Can't wait to try that soon! Enjoy.
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  1. Kristy that slice looks perfect, it is as good...no better than any professional cake I've seen! I'm with you on the too sweet frosting, like it more whipped type. Just think of all the different flavor fillings you can use here. That's a handy cake divider. Will you be doing a sponsored post my them? How did they sponsor you, by giving you the tool? Just wondering.

    I'll let you know what filling I want for my birthday cake! Heheh ;)

    XOXO Cheers,

  2. Kristy, nice and tall cake. Love how you decorated the cake, very pretty indeed.

  3. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!! THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Please make me one!!!! I love cakes that are super sweet.
    *kisses* HH

  4. That is one sweet looking cake Kristy. Beautifully frosted!! If I remember correctly I think the cake shops only start selling fresh cream cake in the early 80's and that was when the black forest cake became so popular. I might be wrong :)

  5. perfect cake,perfect slice,love your decoration!:)all the best for you and yours,kristy!:)we are fine ,thanks for your visit and wonderful words,God bless you!

  6. Oh sweet goodness, Kristy. You are a pro!!! What a gorgeous cake. How do you find such patience?

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  7. Wow!!!Il est très girly:) Bravo!!xxx

  8. It's a beautifull and perfect cake!!!congrats!


  9. wow cantiknya..jika macam ni la..Kristy ..boleh buka kedai kek tau hehe.Cantik hiasannya:)dan kemas.

  10. What a beautiful tower of sweetness - just summery and gorgeous.

  11. Oh-My-Gut(astonish mode)!! This is one cracking beautiful cake, the layering are perfect, and the frosting looks so professional(not bakery standard but hotel standard)!*clap clap clap clap

  12. Dear Kristy!! I loed the cake, the divider, the icing , everything!! And I also remember this kind of butter icing in my birthdays cakes, you brought beautiful memories to my mind:)

  13. that cake is gorgeous! You did a great job on the layers and the decorating.I'm going to try the swirls on my next cake! :)

  14. Not only does the cake sound delicious - your decorating, layering and slicing is absolutely perfect! Absolutely stunning!

  15. OMG...Looks delicious and heavenly. Love the color.

  16. Love your buttercream cake! Love the clean slice you made as well :) Good job!

  17. Wow! so neatly done, and so tall! Very nice, but I don't like iced cake, usually scrap it away and just eat the cake:P Too sweet as you said and if it's buttercream, too rich!

  18. Beautiful cake! Yes, I remember now, my aunty only made butter cake with butter icing....very delicious.

  19. 粉红色好美,看了好喜欢:)

  20. Kristy, wow wow, your cake look so beautiful and neat!! and noticed that there is no egg yolk in your butter cake, i'm very curious how it would taste, this is totally new for me..i might give it a try soon..Ya, wish you next time have luck in any blog giveaway, last time i also no luck in any lucky draw..hehehe..

  21. This one kalah those made in cake shop. Its really very beautiful

  22. oh wow! That is amazing looking. I like chocolate filling :)

  23. Lyndz : hahaha... do let me know the kind of cake you wish to have!

    Ann : Thanks very much!

    HH : Gosh, I thought you're supposed to be on diet! Aren't you??? :o)

    Gert : Thanks so much for your info. I have no idea at all!

    Alison : Thanks & glad you like it too!

    louise : Thank you for your nice comment. Patience is actually came from the heart of love.

    Lexibule : Thank you so much. Yes, it's a terrific girlie look!

    Ana Rita : Thanks alot, dear.

    CM : Wow, thanks so much for your lovely comment. Most appreciate it.

    Claudia : Thanks so much. ((hugs))

    Alice : Oh wow, what a compliment! I am totally thrilled. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Most appreciate it.

    Pamela : Glad you like it too, Pam!

    Sinful Sunday : Thank you & wishing you all the best.

  24. Ann : Thank you very much for your super nice comment. Really appreciate it. ((hugs))

    Divya : Thank you so much!

    Rebecca : Thanks. Do you need one for your baby shower party? :o)

    Jen : Thanks so much!

    Simona : Thank you!

    Amelia : Thanks!

    Jeannie : Me too!

    MaryMoh : Another good memories, right! I think we like any cakes back then cause there's not much choices. haha....

    鱼鱼 : Thanks alot! I love hte girlie touch too.

    Kathy : whoa.... thanks so much for your nice words. Most appreciate it.

    Penny : Do you???

    Thanks so much everyone for visiting and spending your valueable time here with me. It's such a great honour and glad you all love this cake.

    Hope you're all enjoying your day.

    Blessings, Kristy

  25. wah, so tall and pretty.Love the colors.

  26. that's a huge cake and very neat layers!! I'm sure the strawberry curd that you made for this cake taste fabulous!!

  27. Very neatly done, Kristy. Can share a piece with me?

  28. I can't stop admiring the perfect layering of this cake. Wow!

  29. Kristy absolutely georgeous!!xx gloria

  30. this cake is awesome, How perfect is your piping, great job!! I have tried and tried with failed results. love the layer tool!

  31. old fashion or not .. it look awsm just too delicious. Thank you for sharing this with hearth and soul hop :)

  32. Everything looks so neat and nice, you really have the talent : )!

  33. OMG, the cake is so pretty! And it's in my fave PINK! This looks like a lovely gown too :) Wonder when I get to bake like u. LOL!

  34. What a lovely cake, Kristy! I'd love one of those cake slicers. I always make such a mess of it!

  35. That's a masterpiece! What is strawberry emulco?

  36. What a pretty cake! I love the frosting on the sides, so pretty! And the layers are so perfect :)

  37. Hey very pretty cake. I also bought the cake slicers but couldnt handle well and the whole sponge cake was kind of unevenly sliced! :(

  38. Christy cake looks absolutely luxurious, congratulations, hugs

  39. Yummylittlecooks : Thanks alot!

    Lena : Yes indeed. The strawberry curd tastes fabulous.

    Cheah : haha... it's all gone!

    Zoe : Thanks & glad you like it too!

    Gloria : Thank you!

    Bonnie : Thanks! Don't give up. I'm sure you can do it. Looking forward to your cake.

    kankana : Oh wow... what a compliment! Thanks a lot.

    TasteHK : Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Most appreciate it.

    Shirley : This is actually the first girlie pink cake I had so far.

    Barbara : Hope you can get one soon.

    Angie : Strawberry emulco is an artificial strawberry flavouring extract.

    Heidi : Thanks so much!

    Yummy Bakes : Don't worry! I'm sure you can do it. Just take it easy.

    Rosita : Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Most appreciate it.

    Thanks everyone for spending your time here with me and also thanking all for your lovely words. Most appreciate it.

    Hope you're all having a fabulous day.

    Blessings, Kristy

  40. If I say "it's so pretty in pink", your cake definitely fits the bill! Love the tall cake and the color....;) anymore left for me? Heehee! Have a nice weekend Kristy!

  41. I LOVE pink, and this is one of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen. I can just imagine how good it tasted... :)

  42. Wow!. A happy Friendship Day to you Kristy! A pleasure to know you.

  43. You are so darn talented this is such an elegant piece of artwork I would have hate to cut it!

  44. Oh Kristy, what a beautiful cake! Sorry the frosting was a bit too sweet for you, but still one of the prettiest cakes ever! :)

  45. 这蛋糕很高而且也装饰得很美.


  46. Hi Kristy,

    May i know where do you get the cake divider. Been looking for this long time cox i'm having problem divide the cake evenly.

    Thanks & Regards

  47. Hi Angeline,

    Thanks for visiting and to your question, you can get the cake divider from any bakery specialty shop in KL.

    Btw, I would like to keep you inform that you've infringe my copyright. Please kindly remove all my posts from your site immediately. Thanks very much!


  48. OMG...Looks delicious and heavenly. Love the color.


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