My Sweet Caterpillar

Lucky me! Finally, managed to spare myself a little free time for some baking. As time concern, I bought some ready made mung bean paste at the store. Hopefully, I could finish the whole process within two hours! hehe....

Ingredients :
450gm bread flour
100gm all purpose flour
1-1/2 tspn yeast
50gm sugar
1/4 tpsn salt

2 large eggs, lightly beaten
200ml lukewarm milk
50ml cooking oil

*500gm pandan flavour mung bean paste

Method :

- combine ingredients (B) and leave aside.
- combine ingredients (A) in a large mixing bowl.
- then stir in ingredients (B) untill form a soft dough.
- leave to rest for an hour or untill double in size.
- punch out the air and knead dough untill smooth.
- divide into 12 portions both bread dough & mung bean paste.
- wrap mung bean paste into bread dough and roll out flat.

- make a few fine cuts to the dough and roll them up (as shown).
- place all dough to baking tray and leave to proof for another 20 mins.
- brush on egg glaze, then bake at 190'C for 20 mins or untill golden brown.

Actually, I was trying to relax myself a little through baking. Yeap, having lots of fun for sure! Don't they just look like some green crawling little thing.....caterpillars? ^_^ Ooops...I'm going to bite on them.
For pandan flavour mung bean paste : replace water with pandan juice plus an extra 200ml water for steaming, and stir in 100ml cooking oil after steamed untill you get smooth paste. It's best to chill before used.

Hi guys, just to show you how's my finger getting on! The skin looks fine but not the sensibility. I think it's only 80% healed. Not the same anymore! However, thank you so much for everything, dear friends. Am really appreciate for all your concern.
With love, Kristy


  1. Haha very cute! Love the pandan filling!
    Glad your little finger has healed :)

  2. wow...very interesting recipe...
    take care dear.

  3. aiyo...glad your finger healing well. I wnat a caterpillar too

  4. You are such a genius - I love the green. So glad your finger is starting to look like a finger again! =)

  5. when i was amazed by how good the bread looks, i got completely freaked out when i scrolled down for the recipe, and saw your finger!
    i'm glad it looks like it is healing pretty well!
    take care!

  6. Your little pastries look so cute. They really do look like caterpillars :). When i was a little girl i used to step on the caterpillars and i remember some were red on the inside and some were green LOL. I see you made the green ones ;)
    Your finger is healing beautifully, give it time, soon u will be 100% again.
    *kisses* HH

  7. Kristy, That caterpillar looks so real ~~amazing, so pretty cute!
    Good to see your finger is healing, take care ;D

  8. I want your caterpillar.. they look so cute!
    But i dont want to see your finger in stitches..what happened, Kristy?? my goodness, it must be very painful!!

  9. Kristy, so glad to see your finger healing up nicely. Both my mom and dad had injured one of their fingers badly. They do heal, but like you say never quite the same. My dad lost a tip of his middle finger and said you never realize just how much you use the tip, even of one of the mid fingers.

    Anyway...theses caterpillers look gorgeous! So pretty and green and lined up in the pan just waiting to be eaten! Yumm!

    Hope things are well with you and your family!


  10. Very cute, they surely look like caterpillars! Bet it is delicious! Glad to hear your finger is progressing and I hope it is back to normal soon.

  11. Those look so cool. I don't think I can get mung bean paste around here, is there anything you can substitute?

  12. Glad your finger healing well. I wnat a caterpillar too

  13. Lovely bread with the early summer colour, and glad to see your finger is recovering a lot!!

  14. They look so pretty! You are a profi in baking!

  15. Yummy caterpillars...would love to try it one day. Glad your finger is healing nicely.:D Cheers!

  16. Whew, that's quite a wound on your finger. Glad it's healing nicely. Love the color of your bread. I don't know if I've ever tasted mung bean paste.

  17. sooooooooo glad your finger is healing and hope the feeling comes back - beautiful bread and lovely idea

  18. Super cute! I love these caterpillars!

  19. sorry i haven't been by in a while but i guess we have both been busy! love EVERYTHING you've been making though recently .... all looks so delicious and so much fun. glad to see the finger is healing well. i did a similar thing to my thumb years ago. i passed out when they took out my stitches but i had just eaten a very rich french meal. (doesn't look like it's slowed you down!)

    happy cooking!

  20. c'est drôlement impressionnant ce que tu nous a préparé, un régal pour les yeux et aussi pour les papilles
    je suis contente pour ton doigt même s'il est guéri qu'a 80% :-)
    bonne soirée

  21. My little nephew has a toy caterpillar which he drags everywhere.
    I get the feeling that if I'd show him your amzing baked goods...he would drag them everywhere to ;o)
    Good to see that finger of your doing a little better.
    Flavourful wishes, Claudia

  22. I bow to your baking expertise - I don't seem to have the patience. When I see your results, I start wishing I was more like Kristy. Yay for fingers and healing!

  23. You're an extremely talented baker Kristy! These are so cute! Save one for me! Your poor finger - hope it gets back to 100%.

  24. KRISTY HOLY CRAP!!! Your finger!!!! :( It looks like you almost chopped the whole sucker off, I am SO glad you are okay!! *hugs and kisses* I am happy to hear your finger is recovering, it looks painful.

    On the other hand, I am not sure how you created such beautiful rolls with an injured finger -- just comes to show how talented you are! But they are beautiful and they do indeed look like caterpillars, I would eat the entire pan, easily :)

    Happy belated birthday to your beautiful daughter btw!

  25. 3HTummies : Thank you!

    Jay : Thanks!

    Sowmya : Yes, they are. Thanks!

    SKucing : Come & get it!

    Belinda : Me too! I love green. Thanks alot.

    Lululu : Hope you don't have nightmare after this! hehe....

    HH : Eeeerrr...Frankly, I hate caterpillars! Some of them will cause terrible itchiness to our skin.

    Anncoo : Thank you!

    Claire : Yeah, nearly chopped off my finger last month. Lucky, it's still with me now. So, you want a caterpillar... guess you can get plenty of them at the nearby bushes! hahaha.... Just kidding!

    Lyndsey : Oh dear, we get the small cuts all the time but the big one sure frightening. But fortunately, we still carry the fingers. Same to you!

    Pam : Thank you, dear. Just cross my finger!

    Bob : Emm...maybe you can try with nutella! I'm sure that's pretty tempting as well except the colour.

    Wendy : If you're a newbie then I'll explain all the details step by step to you. If you're not then you should know what to do with the dough...*wink*. Maybe in future, I'll put details in my cookbook! hehe... Eh, so cheeky huh! haha.... Isn't great if someone make a comment on your post for details?

    Thank you everyone for spending your valueable time here with me. Hope you're having a wonderful day.

    Cheers, Kristy

  26. Divya : Thank you so much!

    TheLacquerSpoon : Thank you very much. I was wondering how's the summer over in Japan!

    Angie : Thank you very much for your nice words. Realy appreciate it.

    Jeannie : I'm sure this is as easy as 123 to you! I know you just love having breads too.

    Cathy : Mung bean is something really nutritious and delicious to be eaten. Maybe you should try it sometme.

    Drick : Hi there, nice to see you around. I know I know.. it's been a while. Will visit you after this. See ya later!

    Natasha : Thanks alot!

    MilleParadise : Thank you! Yeah, it was pretty painful when they took out my stitches too. Ahhh... you really know how to pamper yourself. haha.... Well, it was slowing me down at the beginning but not anymore!

    Fimere :

    Claudia : Ooo... then you should show him these delicious looking one! haha....

    Claudia : Simple then just call you Kristy! hahaha....& thank you so much.

    Reeni : Thank you so much for your kind words. You can have them at anytime. My finger, so far so good!

    Joy : Thank you! ((hugs)) & kisses. Nope, I hurt my finger last month and it doing well right now. Gee.... are you sure you going to finish up the entire pan. I'm affraid you've go for another wedding gown refitting again! haha....

    Thank you guys for stopping by and spending your time here. Hope you're all having a great day.

    Cheers, Kristy

  27. Fimere : Merci beaucoup pour votre sollicitude. Oui, j'ai de la chance parce que le doigt est toujours avec moi!
    bonne journée, dear!

  28. That is one of the cutest desserts I have seen...I love it...I hope your finger gets to 100% soon!

  29. Wow! Does your finger still hurt?? Glad it's better now though! These buns look delicious! They look so professional! I love the colour of the mung bean paste =P It looks really cool! I'll have to try this one day- it looks really cute!

  30. Bo : Thank you so much!

    Von : My finger doing fine. Thank you very much. Wish you luck, dear.

    Thank you guys for visiting and hope you're having a fantastic day.

    Cheers, Kristy

  31. they look gorgeous and delicious!! i'll definitely be trying out this recipe!

    glad your fingers healed! it looked like a really bad injury..

  32. You are so creative with your baking. So cute! love love to make it one day

  33. WoW! Delicious caterpillar! I don't have any idea that some day I will get the recipe of sweet caterpillar!
    Now caterpillar is in and I am looking for the butterfly! hehe!

    On a serious note Kristy I am very sorry to know about your injured finger. I am happy to see that you recovered a lot. May God bless you and may it heal soon.
    Love Always.

  34. Bakies : Welcome to my humble little space. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Penny : I believe in you and hoping you believe in yourself too!

    Alwayswinner : Thank you so much, daaahling! That's so kind of you. I'm surely looking forward to your beautiful little butterfly.

    Thank you all for stopping by and spending your time here. Hope you're all having a wonderful time.

    Blessings, Kristy

  35. It does look like a caterpillar, very interesting recipe! Like the idea of shredding the dough!(thumbs up)

    Hey Kristy, glad that your finger healed! Have a nice day and marvellous weekend ahead!

  36. Hi Kristy, I'm so glad to read that your finger is almost healed. These caterpillars look so good and sound great with mung bean paste.

  37. Adorable! It DOES look like a caterpillar, Kristy. :) Clever idea to cut the dough in that manner.

    So glad your finger has healed well. Hopefully, all sensation will return. I did the same thing years ago (also my index finger), can still feel the scar across the finger and while sensation is there, it's not quite the same as my other finger.

  38. Glad your finger is getting better! Hope it'll be 100% soon!!!

    Great looking recipe. I used to bake to relax myself... I'll have to do it again sometime soon! :)

  39. Simply adorable...I'm so sorry to hear about your finger. It looks like it's healing okay. Don't go overboard with it though:)

    Thanks for sharing...

  40. Hi Kristy, the bread looks so cute and yummy and glad to hear ur finger is healing well, take care.

  41. It still looks painful to me. Still you have to take care, ok?

    Lovely caterpillar bread. When is it turning into butterfly? ;p

  42. Alice : Do you have time for this...I mean baking? Oh yes, Juan Juan can help out too huh! haha....

    Kait : Thanks alot!

    Barbara : My finger will never feel the same anymore but it's alright! I've already get used to it. Glad that it still with me. I'm truly blessed.

    Andrea : Frankly, I'm not gonna wish for 100% least it's still with me by this time. I am blessed. But the funny thing was my injured finger reacted like a magnectic bar when it touches the knife. It will automatically bounce back! haha...

    Louise : Thank you! Btw, best wishes to your upcoming picnic party. Have fun.

    Jess : Thank you!

    Tigerfish : I will! Thank you so much for your concern.

    Thanks alot guys for spending your time here with me. Hope you're going to have a terrific weekend.

    Cheers, Kristy

  43. Sorry Kristy... I can only put to test with your simple and easy recipe!:) I already bookmarked a few, next weekend perhaps, I'd like to make the ice cream cake! Thanks for sharing!^-^

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  44. Hi Kristy - I had no idea you injured your finger! I actually felt a bit dizzy when I saw the picture of your stitched finger!!

    Hope it's feeling better now.

    I'm amazed that you still can make things like this caterpillar roll even with a finger like that!!

  45. Hi Kristy - I had no idea you injured your finger! I actually felt a bit dizzy when I saw the picture of your stitched finger!!

    Hope it's feeling better now.

    I'm amazed that you still can make things like this caterpillar roll even with a finger like that!!

  46. You named them well, so cute! Take care of your finger and have a great weekend!

  47. Oh wow, you're so creative! You did an amazing job!

  48. Never seen anything quite like this. Really amazing and creative. You're such a great cook. Really, I mean it. I know what I'm talking about. Trust me. You are. Honest. For real. No kiddin. Keri a.k.a. Sam

  49. Oh Kristy, I remember you telling me about your finger, I didn't know it was THAT bad. You did really cut the tip of it! I am so glad it's almost back to normal! As for your caterpilar, I want one! you are amazing...

  50. i love this catepillar, you are truly talented...glad your finger is getting better...


  51. Oh,I have been so busy that I missed your accident. Your finger seems to be healing wll, but of course, for all those nerves that were severed to connect again it will take sometime.
    You caterpillar looks FANTASTIC!!!

  52. At first I thought it was Kaya filling. I love Kaya. But the pandan flavor mung bean paste is also tasty. I remembered you had cut yourself a while back. I'm glad they healed. I hope it getting closer to 100% soon :)

  53. Glad to see you back in action! AM glad too that your finger is much better now - hope you are 100% soon. Lovely caterpillar bread as well.

  54. I have never shaped bread in this way before. It has become a must do. I'm glad your finger is getting better. That looks like it was quite a nasty wound. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  55. Your caterpillar is genius, I love it! Almost too cute to eat ... almost. I'm glad your finger is healing up - how traumatic it all must have been for you!

  56. Glad to hear that your finger healed nicely. The caterpillar looks so cute!

  57. Lovely bread, it looks delicious. Glad your finger is all better. Phew!

  58. Kristy : 对不起,我的问候来迟了.看了你手指受伤的照片真的吓了一跳.要小心照顾自己哦!


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