Homemade Chee Cheong Fun

Since I have already had roti the other day for breakfast.... and I am not forgetting this chee cheong fun too! Another yummy street food of Malaysia. As long as I know, nowadays it's not easy to find those old fashion kind of chee cheong fun which is flat, thick & firm. I think you can only find those at the Northern part of Malaysia but not the south. Guess what hubby said this round? He actually asking for a dish of chee cheong fun from me! hehe....

Ingredients : (2-3 servings)
560ml water
1/2 tspn salt
1 tbsp cooking oil
110gm rice flour
1-1/2 tbsp corn flour/tapioca flour
1-1/2 tbsp wheat starch

*Prepared 2 pcs cheese clothes, some dried shrimp & some sliced spring onion.

Method :
- preheat steamer.
- combine all ingredients and mix well, leave aside.
- place in a 10" tray to the steamer and line in a damp cheese cloth.

Next, pour in 2-3 ladle of the batter and sprinkle on some dried shrimp & spring onion.

Then cover and steam over moderate heat for 5 mins. Remove cheese cloth with the chee cheong fun from the tray and replace it with another clean & damp cheese cloth. Again, pour in the batter and steam.

Remember to place the chee cheong fun facing down onto the table then slowly pull the cloth away, or you may need a scrapper here to help. Finally, fold up the chee cheong fun and set aside to cool. Wash the cheese cloth.

This is the kind of chee cheong fun just the way I wanted, thick and silky smooth.

I'm serving this with a teaspoon of fried garlic & onion oil, a teaspoon of light soy sauce and a tablespoon of Chinese red sweet sauce. Yet it is still delicious without the sweet sauce. I'm out of toasted sesame seeds, so just go without it. Yumm..... I still prefer to have my chee cheong fun with some curry sauce. Well, this is good enough though, better than nothing. haha....
So, join me for breakfast anyone?

I'm sending this to 3 Hungry Tummies for Muhibbah Malaysian Monday Blog Event.


  1. Hey Christy, CCF is certainly one of my favorites but depending on which stall too..not all can make nice sauce... of course, home made ones are the best.. so much "liew".. my mum used to wrap them up with sengkuang when we were young.. so nice...

  2. Hmm... that seems easy enough. I should try it too.

  3. Your cheong fun look great...!! It's time for me to make them again, the pics make me drool!!

  4. great...arent this like the anson CCF?

  5. Thanks Kristy! Another delicious dish from you! I read about the history of chee cheong fun in Malaysia somewhere and I will try to find the link for you too :)
    I have never had this type of chee cheong fun before.

  6. You really are so talented. I am always amazed by the things you make.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend daaaahling.
    *kisses* HH

  7. I certainly would! You realize that this is one of my favorite foods? I used to love lining up at this little hole in the wall and they served this with $1.25 - chili and peanut butter.

  8. I would love to try this specialty, sounds delicious!

  9. oh this sounds great! and it looks amazing!

  10. Claire : So, you must learn that from your mother. It's priceless! hehe....

    Penny : All the best! By the way, I'm working on those brioches.

    Cooking Gallery : Thanks alot! =o)

    Smallkucing : What a compliment! Thank you very much. Btw, talking about those Anson CCF. I really wanted to try them in person.

    3HTummies : Thank you very much! That's very kind of you. I'm looking forward for that.

    HH : Thanks alot for your nice comment. There's more coming ahead. So, stay tune!

    Belinda : What? Served with peanut butter! That's weird. haha... Pretty interesting. I must try it myself too.

    Natasha : Thank you. Hope you will enjoy this.

    Abbey : Thanks again! I'm sure your little one can't wait to have this soon.... errr... another a couple of months, I guess!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by and spending your time here with me. Hope you will enjoy the recipe and have fun. Have a wonderful day.

    Blessings, kristy

  11. Oh, this looks so good! Way to go with another great recipe! I always smile when I come here and see the pup in your header!

  12. Boy! That does look fun. And delish!

  13. wow,kristy,i would love to try your dish,looks and sounds so tempting!

  14. Long Live Kampar Thick CCF!!!
    You made it exactly the way it should look, with chinese chives and dried shrimp.

    Thank you so much for this recipe.
    My MIL was just asking me for a CCF recipe today.

  15. Wow, Kristy, you really go the extra mile in preparing your food for your family... great looking CCF!

  16. WOW! You even know how to made CCF. Can I order CCF without sweet or chilli sauce. But I want to add pork lard with soy sauce with sesame seeds on top.

  17. Thanks for this! I LOVE CCF and was looking for a good recipe. It looks absolutely yummy!

  18. I've never tried this, must be good for you to make it yourself!

  19. Oh, yummy! Introducing me to more great food of Malaysia. It looks so good. Your photos are always so helpful. How nice your husband was actually asking for it from you! :D Way to go Kristy!

    Have a great weekend!

  20. You are just so talented and creative. I always love coming to see the interesting dishes you come up with.

  21. Oh wow...my favourite! The last time I made it was a little too soft. I would love to try again. Thanks very much for sharing. Gosh....I think I will dream of it tonight :D Hope you have a lovely weekend, Kristy.

  22. oh wow your truly can cook i admire you I just messed up a cake it was a disaster I am going to the store to get more eggs to try again LOL

  23. Another yummy treat!!
    thanks for sharing!

  24. that looks yummy, something new for me to try, I like the sound of curry sauce over it..thanks Kristy! :)

  25. Haven't had this in awhile! yummy!

  26. When are you going to set up stall for this? It's hot isn't it when you remove the cloth from the steamed CCF? I'm going to have this for brunch tomorrow with plenty of pickled green chilly and shallot crisps!

  27. quelle magnifique préparation que tu nous présentes, ça me met en appétit
    j'aurais bien aimer y goûter!!!
    bonne soirée

  28. Oh my, this is my favorite. I am impressed you made your own. I would love to try these with the curry sauce you mentioned.

  29. Pam : Thank you!

    Emily : Yes, it is indeed.

    Alison : Glad you like it too.

    Wendy : Haha.... not bad-lah! First attempt! hehe...

    Jeannie : No choice! I can't find this kind of CCF here and am so craving for it.

    Ann : Pork lard! Err... haven't had that for a long long time!

    Kumi : Hope you have fun with it!

    Momgateway : Yes, it was fun after all.

    Lyndz : Have you taken this before?

    Bridgett : Thank you so much for your nice words and am glad you like it too.

    Rebecca : So sorry about your cake! Never mind, you have plenty of time to start another one. hehe....

    Hayley : Thanks!

    Olive : You're always welcome! Hope you will have fun with it.

    Jes : Sure, just wait me at the other side of your printer huh! hehe....

    Pigpigcorner : You're a great chef! Isn't a problem to you at all. hehe...

    Cheah : Woa, what a compliment! Thank you. Hope you have fun and enjoy yourself.

    Fimere : Merci. Glad you like it too. Hope can share some these with you.

    Madin : Oh you love CCF too! How very nice. Hope you will enjoy the recipe.

    Thank you very much everyone for spending your weekend with me. It's my pleasure for having you here. Hope you're having a fabulous weekend. Hve lots of fun & food.

    Cheers, kristy

  30. Hi dear, really yummy! I will try it out sooon . Is the texture chewy dear? Chee cheung fun here in Perth isnt chewy at all... =(

  31. They look delicious! Shrimp (or/and Char Siew)are really great fill these rice wraps.

  32. Weng : Oh you like the chewy & springy kind of CCF! You can replace cornflour with tapioca flour then. See if that's the texture you looking for! Good luck!

    Angie : The one with shrimp & meat is Hong Kong CCF! The skin should be thin for that one, unlike mine! hehe... I love both!

    Thanks alot for visiting and spending your weekend her with me. Hope you're having a wonderful day.

    Cheers, kristy

  33. I had no idea these were so easy! I crave these regularly but can only get them at dim sum when I go to Toronto to visit my parents or at street stalls in Hong Kong! I'm going to try this!

  34. Hi Charmaine, welcome to my humble little space. Hope to hear from you more often. Thanks alot for visiting & have a nice day.
    Cheers, kristy

  35. please , what is a cheese cloth ? If I don't have it , can I use any clothe or alum foil ?

    I love your recipe . thanks a lot for sharing .


  36. Anonymous : Hi there, welcome to my humble little space. Yes, you can use any cloth but make sure it's a white one! I'm sure you don't your CCF came out with rainbow colours huh! HAHAHA..... I don't recommend alluminium foil because the sheet might fall off into pieces. Then you've to throw everything away. Wishing you all the best and hope you will enjoy the recipe. Thanks alot for visitng and hope to hear from you more often.
    Cheers, Kristy

  37. I like chee cheong fan with sweet sauce only. Without chilli. Your with added garlic/onion oil sure taste very nice

  38. Just tried making this following another recipe and failed miserably. The chee cheong fun kept sticking to the cheesecloth, couldn't get it off without ripping it to pieces, leaving me with a scraped together mess. Next time, I'll try this recipe.

  39. Anonymous, wishing you luck & have fun!


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