Homemade Soybean Milk & Milk Yoghurt

This is my first attempt on this milk and soybean milk yoghurt. According to the info I've collected, it is said yoghurt is an ancient food and has been around for over 4,500 years! Wow, believe it or not! And it is now recognised as a "superfood". My children love yoghurt a lot and I used to buy the commercial yoghurt but after today....NO MORE store bought yoghurt! Homemade taste much much better which is free from thickeners, sugar, artificial flavours and colouring. Well, just let me show you how easy it is.

Milk Yoghurt
1L full cream milk (I used Dutch Lady packet milk)
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp live yoghurt culture (I used commercial yoghurt)

Step 1 : Heat the milk

- heat the milk over low heat, keep stirring untill bubbles begin to appear on the surface (82-85'C), remove from hear. Heating the milk kills any unwanted microorganisms that may compete with the yoghurt culture, and it makes the yoghurt thicker.

Step 2 : Cool the milk to lukewarm

- the milk is ready when your finger can comfortably dip in the milk for a few seconds. The ideal temperature is between 42-44'C. The yoghurt culture multiplies too slowly below 42'C. While temperature over 44'C kills the culture; both will not produce good yoghurt.

Step 3 : Add yoghurt culture

First, add about 1/4 cup of the lukewarm milk to your culture and mix well. Then pour this mixture back into the remaining milk and stir well. Pour the culture milk into a clean/sterilized glass jar or any other non-reactive container and put the lid on.

Step 4 : Fermentation

Set the jar into a cooler box (I used thermo pot) or wrap the jar with a piece of cloth and keep it into a bigger pot for about 5-6 hours. This is to maintain the temperature to let the fermentation works faster. At this time, the culture will convert the natural sugar(lactose) in milk to lactic acid which coagulates the milk into yoghurt.
* for those without the cooler box will need to double up the fermentation time.
* to test for readiness, slowly tilt the jar to one side. Homemade yogurt is not as thick as those store-bought yoghurt.

Step 5 : Store the yoghurt

Put the jar in the refrigerator immediately to slow down fermentation. Yoghurt will last for about 2 weeks, increasing in tanginess the longer you store it. Remember to use only a clean, dry spoon to scoop out the yoghurt from you jar to prevent premature spoilage.

I experienced that different milk gives different texture. Cow's milk yoghurt is thick and creamy. While soybean milk yoghurt is thick and solid like those Chinese style 'Dou Hu Hua' @ bean curd dessert.

Soybean Milk Yoghurt

1L fresh soybean milk
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp live yoghurt culture
2 pandan leaves

Method : Follow as the above ~ Step 1 to Step 5. But can just skip the step 5 and serve them warm with syrup.
I think this is a pretty good idea making our own soybean milk yoghurt and it is also a perfect food for those dairy allergies consumers. For soy milk yoghurt, I'm serving it with ginger flavour palm sugar syrup. And for milk yoghurt, you can add in fruits as desired.

Palm Sugar Syrup : 2 slices ginger, 125ml water, 150gm palm sugar and 2 tbsp brown sugar.

See, did I just told you that soybean milk yoghurt looks just like 'Dou Hu Hua'! Absolutely beautiful.... and delicious too. So, no more chemical in your 'Dou Hu Hua' ! By the way, some of them even tried making their own breast milk yoghurt. (Sorry, mine already expired!) Hahaha.... Or you may also try this with slow cooker method , very simple though. So, enjoy and have fun!


  1. This is so interesting. I never knew you can make yogurt from soy milk. I am so going to try this out once I get some fresh soy milk. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, made your own yogurt, nice!!. I love soybean yogurt , is it the same thing thats sold on the streets by vendors, with the palmsugar syrup. Love that stuff

  3. I'm a big fan of yogurt! This one sounds really interesting leh...
    Btw, where do you buy the live yogurt culture?

  4. yogurt from soybean milk,so interesting,kristy,thanks!it's a healthier alternative.

  5. Icook4fun : Even coconut milk can be used too! So, hope you have fun with it.

    Rebecca : Hehe... glad you like it too! I'm sure Jasmine would love it.

    Peanutts : No, this is yogurt and much lighter; much Healthier! The commercial soybean milk dessert, they used allum in it.

    Hayley : Live yogurt culture is those commercial yogurt which you can easily get from the supermarket. For example Nestle yogurt, cost about $1.50 per cup!

    Alison : Thank you very much and hope you will like it too!

    Thank you, ladies for visiting! Hope you are all having a fabulous Monday instead of blue Monday!
    Have fun!
    Cheers, Kristy

  6. i have yougort maker..borrowed from MIL. Yet to "official " opening hahaha

  7. Kristy
    Everything you can DIY, so it'll be difficult to earn any money from you! But your yoghurt really looks like 'Tau Foo Fah'! Can set up stall already!

  8. Wow I am really impressed that you made your own yogurt. It looks fantastic. Your children are so lucky to have a mom like you who makes them homemade yogurt!
    *kisses* HH

  9. Wow! This totally looks like what I see in restaurants. You are amazing.

  10. wow, thanks for this! have yet to try and make my own yogurt!

  11. It does look lik Dou Hu Hua. Does it taste the same?

  12. I'm definately trying this out!!

  13. That's really lovely soya milk yoghurt. Would love to try...a healthier version :D Thanks very much for sharing, Kristy. Have a fun day!

  14. smallkucing : Forget about the yoghurt maker. We don't that in this recipe.

    Cheah : Haha... absolutely! My boy said it tastes really smooth and yummy.

    HH : Oh thank you very much! Yeap, they like it alot.

    Belinda : Thank you very much for your kind words. Glad that you like it too.

    Grapefruit : You're welcome! Hope you will like it.

    Penny : Yeap, it taste exactly like Dou Hu Hua but it smell a little sour... like yoghurt! Hope you get what I mean. hehe...

    Wendy : Great! It's good for your children. Hope you will like it.

    Thanks alot ladies for stopping by and spending your time here today. Hope you will enjoy the recipe and have a wonderful day. All the best!

    Cheers, Kristy

  15. MaryMoh : I'm sure you'l like this healthier version! Hope you will enjoy the making. Have a nice day to you too.
    Cheers, kristy

  16. This sounds like a lot of fun! Haha.....I've never thought of making yoghurt at home! It's amazing how many things can be homemade! I'll have to try this some day =]

  17. Kristy, this looks great! I love the looks of the final photo, it looks awesome I want to dive right in! :D You did such a good job showing us how to make the yogurt. Maybe my daughter would like the homemade one better for sure!
    Have a wonderful week!

  18. I didn't realize making yogurt at home was so easy. I just have to try it to compare with commercial brands. I'm sure it is much better for us.

  19. Oh Kristy, I must try this. Looks great and yummy.

  20. Oh look at that milky-creamy goodness you produced! Kudos!

  21. That's awesome, I always love when I see things made by scratch. It sounds so wholesome. Lovely recipe.

  22. Kristy, I love the soft tofu fa, but never thought in making yogurt...it sure sound and look interesting...something that I'd love to try :-)

  23. you make it sound so easy...looks like tahu...delicious warm with syrup and tapioca...

  24. cette recette est parfaite en bien expliquée
    quoi de mieux qu'un délicieux yaourt fais maison
    bravo à toi et merci pour la recette
    bonne soirée

  25. Kristy...you're so dedicated ;o)
    I've never made yogurt before...however, at the rate I eat the stuff...I think I will soon have to look into it. Very healthy way of producing yogurt from different milks...love the idea.

    Ciao for now and flavourful wishes,

  26. we have a great tradition of yoghurts off all kinds here...it is an essential part of the everry day breakfast or dinner...my mom use to make it in the States when we couldn't get our hands on the kind we wanted...it is the essential food that everybody misses when they leave this country...

  27. Von : Thanks! Hope you will like it and have fun'

    Lyndz : I'm sure Maranda can do it by her own. Let me know how's the process! OK.

    Cathy : Yes, it is! Never try never know, right!

    Anncoo : Thanks and glad that you like it too. And it's good for your kids too.

    Claudia : Thank you very much!

    Anna : Thanks alot! Another thing is... cost saving!

    Juliana : Yeap, it is as easy as 123!

    Momgateway : You're right! It looks like tofu and pretty yummy with some palm sugar syrup.

    Fimere : Merci, glad that you like it too. Hope you will enjoy it too.

    Claudia : Thank you so much! Hope you will enjoy the recipe.

    Tigerfish : Thanks and hope you will like it too!

    Jelena : Guess, you miss that alot huh! Well, you should shart making your own then! Hope you will like it.

    Thank you everyone for visiting and spending your time here with me. Hope you all will enjoy this easy 7 yet simple recipe. Have fun and enjoy your day.

    Blessings, kristy

  28. I love this! I am so impressed!!!

  29. Delicious! I particularly like that soy mil yogurt with palm sugar syrup.



  30. You've described the process in detail which will make it easier for the rest of us when we attempt this. I suddenly have a desire for yogurt :-). I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  31. Oh yes, forgot to tell you that I've actually seen somewhere regarding making tofu with lactic acid, which is simply milk acid, since the yogurt culture was milk in origin, yeah, Now I've seen tofu made with lactic acid

  32. one more for you kristy! thanks so much for this post. i made yogurt for the very first time just about a month ago. it's such a cool thing to do and the ideas for coconut milk and tofu versions are terrific! i can't wait to get started experimenting!

  33. I am dying for some dou hua after seeing this post! Great work Kristy!

  34. How awesome! I am addicted to Greek yogurt with honey for breakfast - I would love to make my own, must be so good.

  35. Delicious! You make it look so easy Kristy! Thanks for showing us how to make it.

  36. A super cool idea of using yogurt culture to make soya yogurt.

  37. Okay! Only homemade for yogurt for you. I have never made yogurt but, I know that I would love it. This looks delicious.

  38. I am really impressed! You really go all out to make these delicious, healthy yoghurt! My boys would love these yoghurt too but it's too time consuming! Interesting to see how you do it. Thanks for sharing :D

  39. I love Soya Bean but I haven't tried it with yogurt. This is interesting :)

  40. Ohhh.... I would like to try the soy bean milk yogurt!!!! Thanks for the recipe!

    Btw, I have already tried your Rocky Road ice cream cake, it doesn't look nice but the taste is great! Thanks for the recipe!^-^

    cheers and have a nice day!

  41. I'm so impressed that you made your own yogurt! It's something I've always been curious about. I probably won't experiment with it until the toddler gets a bit older and life slows down a bit though...

    Enjoy your delicious yogurt! :)

  42. Emily : Thank you! Hope you will enjoy it.

    Rosa : Thanks alot! Btw, your new profile pic looks interesting.

    Mary : Hope your grandchildren will love it.

    Wendy : Great that NO MORE Alum in our 'dou hu hua'!

    Mille : You're welcome and glad you like it too.

    3Hungrytummies : Thank you! Missed Malaysia dou hua huh!

    Trix : Yes, it was! Hope you will enjoy the recipe.

    Reeni : You're most welcome, dear!

    Angie : Thanks! And it taste really smooth.

    Velva : Haha... great! Hope you will enjoy the process.

    Jeannie : Not really time consuming! After the first two steps, you just leave it aside. That's all! Maybe you can make it at night and then you can enjoy it in the morning. Wow, imagine that having your homemade warm dou hBua early in the morning. Yummm....

    Shirley : Hope you will enjoy it!

    Alice : You're welcome! I'm sure Juan Juan & her little brother will love this. Btw, the cake looks great! Just a little too thick, I think! hehe....

    Andrea : No worries! Btw, you can always make this at night and then enjoy the fresh homemade yoghurt in the morning. The only thing you need is just boil it and then leave it aside. As simple as 123!

    Thanks everyone for spending you time here with me. Glad you guys like the recipe. Hope you will enjoy the process and have fun. have a wonderful day!

    Cheers, kristy

  43. Kristy - you are just amazing!! I love the soy milk yoghurt idea! I must try it when I have some time! Expired breast milk?? Mine also! ROFL

  44. Denise : HAHAHA.... Oh god, aren't we horrible! haha... You made my day, darling! haha....
    Hope you're enjoying your evening.
    Cheers, kristy

  45. This is one of my all time favourite desserts. Your tofu looks wonderfully smooth and delicious

  46. Wonderful and informative,sounds interesting

  47. Amy & Shant,

    Hi there, welcome to my humble little space and nice to meet you! Hope to hear from you more often. Enjoy your day.

    Cheers, kristy

  48. Hello,

    Thank you for sharing the recipe. I need to make soybean yogurt for my baby since I've just found out she is allergic to cow's milk. Can you tell me where to buy live yogurt culture for soybean yogurt?

  49. Hi Ochie,

    You can use the commercial yogurt which is sold at the supermarket. Any branding you like but those are made of milk! However, you need them to activate your 1st batch soymilk yogurt. From there onwards, you keep partial of your 1st batch soymilk yogurt as your next batch yogurt culture. You can keep them frozen in ice cube tray piece per piece. Just pull out a piece and throw it directly to the hot soymilk to activate it. ALways remember to keep stock in the freezer. So that you don't need to start all over again.
    Hopefully, this will help.
    Thank you for visiting and all the best.
    Cheers, Kristy

  50. Thanks for sharing the recipe! But wonder what do you do with the pandan leaves?

  51. Thanks for the sharing. Which yogurt (commercial) you will recommend for?

  52. Any brands will do! I used the cheapest one. But if you want my recommendation then Nestle should sounds good.
    Thanks so much for stopping by.


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