Kurtos Kalacs @ Chimney Cake

Now what is Kurtos Kalacs? Kurtos Kalacs is actually a traditional Hungarian pastry which also called as Chimney Cake. It is originated from Transylvania. Just like those coffee cake which the bread topping covered with loads of sweet frosting, so it is called a cake eventhough it is a bread. I first learned about this pastry just a week ago from a Taiwan TV commercial. They have introduced this lovely bread or cake. I then quickly google about it. Getting really excited! You may refer here for more info as well.

See, how I prepared my own pins! Wrap both sides of the wooden pin with foil to prevent from heating. Then cover the centre with greaseproof paper, so that the cakes can be removed easily. Below is a 9" baking tray with clips on both sides to fix the position. Yeasted dough is then used to wrap around the wooden pin, next cover dough with loads of sugar. Finally, barbecue the dough till the crust turned crispy brown. After that, coat the crust with desire nuts, scented powder or coconut.
Ingredients :
500gm bread flour
200ml warm milk
3 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp yeast
2 eggs, beaten
5 tbsp corn oil
1/3 tspn salt

Method :
(1) combine milk, sugar & yeast in a bowl and leave aside for 5 mins or till bubbling.
(2) in another big bowl, combine flour and salt then mix well.
(3) make a hole in the centre, add in oil, eggs and milk mixture.
(4) stir to combine then knead by hand till smooth. Do not add in extra flour if the dough is sticky, add in a few drops of oil if needed.
(5) then set aside to rest for about an hour or till double in size.
(6) once it's ready, place dough onto working table (please do not use extra flour on the working table). Knead dough till smooth and divide into 6 portion.
(7) roll each into a string then roll it to the prepared rolling pin.
(8) then slightly roll to press the dough & coat with sugar.
(9) finally, bake at preheated oven 190-200'C. Roll the pin gradually so that the colour of the crust is balance. Brush the crust with some honey when half way thru.
(10) once the baking is done, coat the crust with desire additional flavour.

FINALLY.......! So this is how it is actually taste like. It is also best to spread on some nutella or peanut butter to the inner ring of the cake. Really tasty. I made about one kilo of flour (12 rings) and everything gone by the next day.

Hope you guys will love this too.
(bread, cake, hungarian cuisine, snack)
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