Taiwan Pineapple Jam Filling

Anyone of you love eating Taiwanese pineapple cake???? I think most of you love it as much as I do. Yeah, just because of that I am exhausted making this pineapple jam again. Phewwww....you certainly need loads of patience on this one, other than red bean paste & lotus paste. Have you realized that Taiwanese pineapple cake fillings taste slightly different from ours. Ours here is tangy but their filling is light & sweet. That's because they're combining both winter melon & pineapple in making the jam. So, here's the recipe.

Ingredients :
2  large pineapple
1 large winter melon (about 2.5kg)
400gm   sugar
1 tspn   salt
200gm   maltose
1/2 cup lime juice
1~2 cinnamon sticks
8 pcs  clove
(1)  cut pineapple and winter melon into small chunks.
(2) blend the first batch of pineapple together with lime juice, then pour half of it out to a large pot.
(3) continue blending winter melon & pineapple with the remaining juices, in few batches.

(4) once it's done, gather all the ingredients into a non-stick pot and bring it to boil. And keep stirring it constantly.

(5) it took roughly about one and a half hour to cook till became dry and thick.

The pineapple jam filling will look something like this. It won't fall off easily even if you place it the other way round after cooked. It looks even better after cooled. OK now, stay tune for the upcoming pineapple cake.


  1. It looks like it was treated with a lot of TLC (tender loving care).

    I'm not a big fan of cooked pineapple like pineapple upsidedown cake, but I like pineapple jam. I am interested in tasting your pineapple cake though...can't wait to see it.

    Take care Kristy,

  2. YUMMO..Thanks for the recipe..This looks mouthwatering..I have bookmarked it..

    Your header image is so cute..


  3. Thanks Kristy
    I'm so glad you share this recipe with us. I try to make pineapple jam with winter melon last year and it turn of good (the meat was very crunchy) but my family laugh about my craziness. You see, I had a lot of winter melon from the garden and it's impossible for me to find any tools/molds, where I live, to make pineapple tart. Also I don't want to waste the pineapple for nothing and feel guilty after. So I use winter melon; the jam was delicious and crunchy and can be freeze easily.


  4. I love this jam! I can imagine so many ways to put this to good use....

  5. I love Taiwanese Pineapple cake. I wanted to buy their casing from Ebay but they were way too expensive. The China seller wanted to charge me US$9.00 for 10 small casing. Do you know if we get the casing back in Malaysia?

  6. I didn't know about the winter melon combination - this looks great! ^^

  7. looks tempting and mouthwatering.

  8. I love Taiwanese Pineapple cakes. After reading your post, now I know that the secret ingredients which makes them so chewy are winter melon and maltose. Thanks Kristy for the "enlightenment"!

  9. Yes Kristy, Taiwan Pineapple tart really taste good.

  10. Winter melon? Let see if I can find it. Will be making pineapple tart.

  11. Thanks for revealing the secret ingredient!

  12. What a glorious jam! This is a true loving effort, wonderful!

  13. I love Taiwanese Pineapple cakes. After reading your post, now I know that the secret ingredients which makes them so chewy are winter melon and maltose. Thanks Kristy for the "enlightenment"!

  14. Hi,

    Note sure if you will still see this being so long ago.

    My 2 yo is crazy about pineapple cakes and I would like to make for him. My first attempt with just pineapple resulted in a tangy gluggy paste despite using more sugar and maltose indicated on the recipe.

    Is Winter Melon what makes the store bought preservatives packed ones chewy? or do I need to add something like glutinous rice flour. Just wondering if you know? My little boy is extremely fussy and I am finding ways to make him eat calorie dense food without the preservatives so I am really trying to get the textures he love right.

    Thanks for your help :)

  15. Hi Kris,

    First of all, thanks for stopping by. Winter melon actually produce a great natural sweetness to the pineapple fillings and yes it gives a kinda chewy texture to the fillings as well. Hope this will help.

    Enjoy your day.


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