Wasabi Steamed Bun With Salted Egg Yolk Custard

The weather has been so unpredictable for the past couple of days. Raining almost every morning at around 7am.....sometimes at 5am then suddenly it became sunny at noon time. It is so hot that I nearly fainted. But then I still wanted to make steam bun ! haha.... Totally insane ! I've seen and also often heard about 'liu sha bao' @ the Chinese molten steamed bun, we even have a stall selling it here but have yet tried or eaten it even once. lol. However, my attempt wasn't that successful actually. The fillings didn't turned out as expected but more like custard. God blessed that its still edible ! haha....

The salted egg yolk fillings look wonderful but too bad it doesn't turned out as I wanted.

Ingredients for Egg Yolk Custard :
5 salted egg yolk (steamed for 10 minutes or till cooked then finely mashed)
120gm  butter, softened
100gm  sugar
2 TB   milk powder
2 TB  custard powder
1 TB  cornflour
80ml   coconut milk

(Beat all ingredients into smooth paste and well combined, then keep refrigerated till set. When ready, divide custard paste into 14 portions and wrap with plastic sheet each of them. Again, place them back into the fridge to keep chilled before used)

I'm not a weird person..... sometimes, I just wanted to polish off the leftover at home to reduce unwanted wasting. Guess, its still considered as a good practice. Right ? Luckily that both my teenagers love trying new stuffs. haha.... And this round I'm experimenting with wasabi paste on steamed bun. >o<

Ingredients for wasabi bun dough :
500gm  all purpose flour / bao flour / Hong Kong flour
2 tspn  yeast
2 TB  sugar
260ml  water
1 tube wasabi paste
2 tspn cooking oil/ shortening

Method :
(1) mix all ingredients to form soft dough then set aside to rest for 45 minutes.
(2) now, punch dough to release extra air then knead till smooth.
(3) place dough to slightly floured working table and divide dough into 10 portions, then rest for 5 minutes.
(4) slightly press dough to the size as desired, then wrap in custard ball and nicely sealed.
(5) place wrapped dough onto parchment papers and again let to rest for another 20-25 minutes.
(6) finally, steamed buns for 18-20 minutes over high heat.

It was pretty much excited when it comes to this point, waiting to steam the buns.

Too bad.... that it doesn't work out as good as I thought. Well, the bun is actually quite tasty with a touch of wasabi flavoured... not too heavy but just nice. Will definitely try it again. Yeap...not giving up !

Hope everyone will have a fabulous weekend. Enjoy & have fun !
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  1. Love the fusion of green and the yolk custard color!
    I don't really can "bao" the filling completely...

  2. The infusion of slight wasabi sounds interesting... A bit of the spike in the tongue and then mellowed by the custard... Makes you want to eat one bun after the other to figure the secret ingredient.... Nice fluffy and soft buns

  3. Hi Kristy, like you, I also like to experiment with my leftover ingredients to minimise wastage too. Wasabi buns do sound interesting to me!

  4. Hi, Kristy. This is the first time I see wasabi bun...hahaha...love the colour but I don't like the wasabi taste...

  5. Hi Kristy, this sound interesting to me too :D

  6. Wasabi in bread dough..what a creative idea!

  7. This looks good and I think pretty unique flavour.

  8. Really unique to us in the USA. Pinned.

  9. I am so glad to see your web page , especially your step by step photos.

    Are you an asian citizen?

  10. Hi Honey,
    First of all, thank you so much for stopping by. Its a pleasure of having you around. To your answer is yes ! I'm an Asian, a Malaysian.

    Hope you're having a lovely day.
    Blessings, Kristy


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