Steamed Tapioca & Sago Pudding

It's durian season again. I went to my friend's durian stand to pick up some durians the other day and at the same time I collected some fresh cassava/tapioca as well. My friend planted lots of them just next to his durian stand. I pull the plant out all by myself and pick up as many as I want. My friend particularly requested for some homemade kuih from his cassava/tapioca and I found one recipe just nice for them.

This recipe is adapted from Kuali by Amy Beh, one of the Malaysia famous cook & cookbook writer.

Ingredients :

450gm  cassava,  grated
200ml   evaporated milk
100ml   coconut milk

150gm   sago, soaked for 30 minutes & drained
150gm   sugar
4 TB   tapioca starch
1 tspn  vanilla paste

3 cups  grated young coconut
1 tspn  salt

Method :
(1) Steam ingredients (C) for 10 minutes then set aside.
(2) combine ingredients (A) and blend till smooth paste.
(3) once its done, stir together ingredients (B) and mix well then pour mixture to a 9" greased tray & steam for 35 minutes.
(4) cut pudding into bite size and coat with steamed coconut then serve.

No additional colouring is added in and the colour stays as pretty. My kuih is a bit soft cause I've added in an extra 100ml water which is not listed the above.

The texture looks good though and love the additional of sago. Its quite similar to my steamed taro pudding. Its fragrant and springy. Yummm....
I'm sending this to Foodie Friday


  1. I always like coming here and seeing what you are up to. I just found that I can get durian frozen and pandan leaves in a store near my husband's work. I have just tried durian candy to see if I liked it, have not tried the fruit itself yet. Have you made tapioca and palm sugar dessert steamed in banana leaves?

  2. Hi Kristy , boy do this Tapioca Sago pudding look yummy , got to try it . Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I just admire such your desserts! I have no idea how to make puddings and I wouldn't even dare to try :)

  4. It is always such a delight to drop by Kristy and see what's cooking in your little corner of the world.

    Oh how I wish I could actually sample some of the deliciousness you cook up. I'm sure your generous friend was more than pleased.

    Thank you so much for sharing, Kristy and once again, thank you so much for "playing" the Picnic Game:)

  5. wow, you pull it out yourself! Great job! The kuih looks yummy.

  6. oh my...i love tis kuih too!!!! but im too lazy to make them plus my gals wun fancy them...
    Love to get a bit of your soft kuih kuih...salivating now...

  7. It has been a really long long time that I have never eat this kuih...may I have some, Kristy?

  8. Hi, Kristy! Way to go, it looks delicious!!!

  9. I love the texture too. They must be very delicious, Kristy.

  10. I agree with the texture, and the flavor is heavenly of this creative pudding cake, Kristy!

  11. I must try this Kristy .... Looks good! Thanks for sharing ;)

  12. i made something similar long time ago before started blogging, i think now almost forgot how to make already, thx for the recipe..i know i will like it!

  13. Thanks for bringin your pudding by foodie friday. I pinned it.. love learning about new ingredients from you Kristy.


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