Steamed Taro Pudding

After having so much breads& cakes for the past couple of days, now I am craving for some kuih. Something sweet & chewy and with coconut  flavour. Found a nice piece of yam or taro at the wet market yesterday, think it will be perfect for my sweet little snack. Taro is often used on both sweet & savory cuisines over here but greedy ME is expecting for more....more recipes that I could put my hands on. But before that let's get started

Ingredients :
270gm   tapioca flour
2 tbsp    rice flour
230gm   sugar
1/2 tspn  salt

250ml    coconut milk
250ml    water

300gm   mashed taro

Method :
(1) combine all ingredients (A) into a big bowl & mix well.
(2) now, stir in ingredients (B) into ingredients (A) and mix well.
(3) next, add in mashed taro and hand mix it. If you prefer chunky taro, so do not over mix the mixture.
(4) then cook batter over low heat with a non-stick pan, till became sticky paste.
(5) finally, transfer it to a oil greased pan and steam for 13mins.
(5) once it's done, let steamed kuih rest for about 15 mins before started separating it and coat with grated coconut.

For grated coconut :
500gm   grated young coconut  (about one coconut)
a pinch of salt
(stir together salt & coconut, steamed for 10 mins and then set aside to cool)

This is how it looks after steamed and it is actually a bit sticky. So, must handle with care. :o)

Are you swallowing something here....your saliva!!!! haha.... Yes, you are!  And you had to go and get yourself some grated coconut and other ingredients and get started. Enjoy & have a great time.


  1. Kristy, At the first glance, I thought is ondeh ondeh.
    You're so creative! Never thought of making with taro before. I would love to try this out for sure.

  2. Oh I thought its another kueh but you used taro, my most favorite root vegetable! Yummy! Will give this a try soon...very creative Kristy!

  3. The texture makes it look kinda fun to eat!! Fantastic!

  4. never had these before...usually is ubi kayu. Certainly good for a change

  5. I have no idea what taro is but this looks pretty yummy to me. Diane

  6. OK I think it is like sweet potato which I love. Diane

  7. apa apa asalkan keladi memang menjadi kegemaran kami seisi keluarga.pasti mau cuba ni:)

  8. Looks delicious! You make very nice looking kuih, I am always drooling over them here lol!

  9. This really looks delicious. You have made me very hungry. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  10. wow, i'm actually salivating looking at your kuih now. My mum would love this, thanks so much for sharing, dear!

  11. These are new to me...the texture looks really fun, and I love coconut!

  12. As always, another amazing delicious-looking treat.

  13. this is really a creative way of eating taro! thanks for sharing!

  14. I have never had this dish, but it sounds really lovely. I'd love to sample it. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  15. Estupenda elaboración que rica es y luce tentadora,abrazos huhgs,hugs.

  16. You have some really amazing recipes, Kristy. I love these steamed taro bites.

  17. Looks delicious! You make very nice looking kuih, I am always drooling over them here lol!

  18. Should the taro be steamed first. Or just mash the raw taro?

  19. Hi Anonymous,
    Yes, you need to steamed the taro before you can mash them. :o) Simply slice the taro and steamed for 20-30 mins. Test the softness of steamed taro and make sure it's nice & soft and can be easily mashed before remove them from steamer.
    Thanks for stopping. Enjoy & have fun!

  20. Can we straight away steam without cooking it?


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