"Chicken" Mushroom !!!!

SORRY NO CHICKEN on my recipe ! Only mushroom and bread ! You can't find any mushroom??? OK OK...let me show you.

Here's the mushroom I am using. It's called abalone mushroom but it looks more like our local wild mushroom called "chicken" mushroom or 'gai yoke gu'. Those wild mushroom can be easily found along the road side after raining at least for a few days. And here's the tips if you want to have the chicken like texture  mushroom. Never ever slice it with knife ! What I did here was just tearing them into pieces by hand.

It will look like this. And here's the recipe as follow.

Ingredients :
2-3 pcs  abalone mushroom
1 tbsp  chopped garlic
1 tbsp  chopped ginger
a few bird eye chilies, chopped
salt & pepper to taste

# Thickening :  1 tspn  tapioca starch + 2 tbsp water
# Half of Dukkah Bread recipe, sliced & toasted with butter.

Method :
(1)  preheat pan with 2-3 tbsp cooking oil.
(2)  stir in ginger & garlic and saute till fragrant.
(3)  next add in chilies, salt, pepper & mushroom, let them cook over high heat for a couple of minutes or till mushroom turned soft / tender.
(4)  finally off the heat, then stir in thickening and mix well.

You can either serve this as side dish or bruschetta or maybe burger. So, what do you think!? This dish is certainly taking hubby back to his childhood days cause his family loves mushrooms picking
I'm sending this to Shaz & Suresh @ Muhibbah Malaysia Monday.
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  1. oooooooooooh, yumm love mushrooms. have a nice week end

  2. I wish I could find mushrooms like that along side the roads here. I first thought it was sliced mushrooms on a chicken patty :) Does it have a meaty flavor like portabello mushrooms? Could you bring it over for my lunch? Thanks,

  3. I have never seen these mushrooms. The dish look great and it looks like chicken! Diane

  4. I love 'chicken mushrooms'! They really taste meaty and tender.

  5. Those are mushrooms? AWESOME!! What a great way to make them. So going to try this.

  6. c'est drôlement délicieux, j'adore
    bonne soirée

  7. Such a fun mushroom. I'd love to try it one day. Love how you served it.

  8. Wow - that looks amazing! I would never have guessed that was mushroom!

  9. Have you try wild mushroom before, it taste better than this, taste like chicken, hehehe..But this mushroom is easy to get than wild mushroom..

  10. I too wish I could meander around finding mushrooms like these along the side of the road. It sure looks like you have highlighted it's goodness & freshness in this recipe, Kristy. Now, if you could only send me the aroma through the computer I would be so happy!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  11. This looks absolutely yummy..I should try this soon...Bookmarking this one..


  12. Nostalgia bila Kristy sebut pasal wild mushroom....masa kecik-kecik dulu my mom selalu kutip cendawan liar yang kami panggil "kulat Pusu" atau Cendawan busut kerana selalu terdapat di tepi busut.Baunya sungguh wangi dan rasanya sangat sedap....

  13. Give me any mushroom, I'd be the happiest person that day!

  14. The 'tearing" technique is interesting, and I like it.

  15. I love all types of mushroom! They are simply nutritious and low in fats!

  16. I'm huge fan of mushrooms & your header has certainly caught my attention. Hahaha! Lovely!

  17. great idea! they look very much like chicken strips!

  18. Good idea.. very innovative ro make mushroom strips look like chicken.

  19. I have eaten this mushroom before and they do taste delicious!

  20. I found some of these mushrooms in a Vietnamese shop near my husbands work. I am excited to try this...we'll see if my daughter will eat mushrooms now. ;)


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