Kefir Wild Yeast ~ Steamed Sponge Cake

My 2nd kefir wild yeast project ~ steamed 'Ma Lai Go' or sponge cake, and this is also my number 500th blog post within 2++ years time and going to celebrate my 3rd blogiversary soon as well. Yay ! (clap clap clap) Unbelievable....I can't believe it I can make it this far.WOW! OK enough for that. Let's go back to the recipe. I actually already have two other versions of this cake (here & here) and they are both incredibly good. And this one here looks even fluffier.

(Recipe adapted Catherine lau)
Ingredients :
Starter Dough :
200gm  all purpose flour
150ml   homemade kefir drinks / enzyme juice (at room temperature)

Main Batter :
150gm   palm sugar (red sugar/raw sugar)
150gm  brown sugar
6 large eggs
1/4 tspn  salt
40gm    all purpose flour
20gm    corn flour
40gm    custard powder

Final Mixture :
60ml   corn oil
1 tspn  baking powder
1 tspn  baking soda

Method :
(1)  combine starter dough ingredients and mix well, set aside and let to ferment for 4 hours. (I made it over night, so that I could get it done by the next evening)
(2)  then beat egg & starter dough and both sugar till sugar well dissolved. (best to melt the sugar first which I didn't.)
(3)  now, beat together the remaining flour, corn flour, custard powder & salt till everything well combined.
(4)  again set the mixture aside (cover with lid) for final fermentation for about 8 hours (mine is 7 hours).
(5)  finally, mix in the final ingredients and stir well.
(6) pour batter to a 9" tray lined with parchment paper, cover the top with aluminium foil and steamed for about 35 mins over high heat.
(7) once ready, leave cool completely before slicing it.

WOW, actually I didn't even expect the cake risen so perfectly. The lid almost fell off while half way steaming it. :o)

But one thing I am not very happy about this cake is the bottom layer of the cake cause I was expecting something like this here.  Maybe I should melt the sugar from the beginning and leave the batter to rest on the baking tray for 10 mins just before steaming it. Am still looking forward to one more try. Wish me luck!
I'm sending this to Wild Yeast @ Yeastspotting.


  1. Kristy, Congrats on your 500th post! The cake looks very spongy and I like the colour :)

  2. This is such a wonderful recipe..Thanks for posting it..Bookmarked..

    Congrats dear

  3. The cake looks super. Palm sugar has given it a really nice colour and taste.

  4. Congrats on your 500th posts.
    This Ma Lai Go looks super yummy :)

  5. Fantastic 500th post my dear cant wait to see the next 500 more!

  6. That's looks very fluffy but I too like the older version...I still haven't plucked up enough courage to give this another try lol! Congrats on your 500th post:)

  7. Hi Kristy, congratulation on your 500th post, keep up the good work.

    Love your ma lai go, look extremely good soft and fluffy.

    Have a nice day.

  8. Congrats ! Lovely and fluffy ' koh'. Yum!

  9. Congrats! More good recipes to come... I am sure you will get a perfect sponge cake soon.

  10. Kristy...congrats on your 500th post and you have really given us wonderful recipes. Btw I love your Kefir Wild yeast Nutmeg Rye Bread. I need to go get some Rye flour and make rye bread too...drooling on your steamed sponge healthy using your own homemade wild yeast ! Kudos to you ...really !

  11. nevertheless it looks yummy to me :)

  12. hi kristy, congrats on your 500th post, this is really an achievement!! Your malai koh looks spongy, what's wrong with the bottom layer?

  13. Kristy, congratulations on your 500th post!! Love the colour of your Ma Lai Koh, just hop over your pandan Ma Lai Koh, the texture looks amazing, first time seeing this!

  14. Congratulations on the 500th post!! This cake looks great!

  15. complimenti per il tuo 500esimo post, sono tantissimiii!!!!
    la torta è davvero interessante, mi piacerebbe provarla, so per certo che le tue ricette sono eccezionali ;-)
    baci e buon week end.

  16. Congratulation on your 500th post!!JIA YOU!

  17. hi kristy,
    Congratulation on your 500th post!!!
    this recipe of yours, i'm making the second stage of waiting for the 8 hour fermentation. hoping mine will be as good as yours. oh ya, there is this question about the starter dough, is the dough after 4 hour fermentation will be looking like the success homemade wild yeast on your previous post? mine just like
    a sticky and springy dough.
    another question is about the batter, let it be 8 hours of fermentation, shall it keep in room or fridge??

  18. Hi Janetan,
    Yes, the starter dough will be looking like a sticky & springy dough. That's a good sign. Never keep the batter refrigerated. Just set aside to rest under room temperature, will do. Good luck!

    Have a great weekend.

  19. hi kristy,
    thanks for your fast reply.
    oh i almost forgot, the starter dough ingredient you stated in the recipe seen not working for me to get my flour into batter. so i just add 5oml more. that will be 1:1 ratio. what do you think?

  20. kristy,
    i almost forgot again,about the pan you use to steam the cake, can i know the height?

  21. Janetan, it's fine to add a little bit more of the starter dough.
    The cake raise quite high if you're using 8" tray. So, just adjust the parchment paper a few inches higher.

    All the best.

  22. kristy,
    now in the steaming process.. hoping it will be as good as yours. oh when i mix in the final ingredient, the batter just like the coke mix with salt(u get what i mean?) is it normal? 10 mins to go..

  23. oh my god...a success and beautiful cake!!! i'm so happy~ tell you the truth i cut down the both sugar weight into half. and the taste is just MIL comment that it is delicious too, just like the dim sum shop sell. thanks for sharing kristy..

  24. Wow, 500th post...congrats I knew you could do it. This looks amazing and again I want to take a bit of it right off the computer screen!

  25. Hi Janetan, if not having kefir yeast ,can I substitute with active yeast and what will be the ratio?

  26. Hi Anonymous, sorry for the late reply. I was away. However, thanks for visiting and here's some links to my recipes which are using yeast.

    Hope this will help.
    Enjoy & have fun!


  27. When ever i send gifts to pakistan i must think about cake this time i found a batter one to send.

  28. Hi Kristy, i followed your recipe, at first my malaigo was risen high but when i took out fr the steamer it collasped, do you know what happen ? many thanks !

  29. Hi wvfy,
    Thanks so much for writing in. Can you please email me the picture of the cake?

    Regards, Kristy


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