Almost Shangri-La Style Pineapple Mooncake 台式黄梨酥皮月饼

This particular mooncake is actually inspired by Shangri-La at the Fort's Carton Road. I am so excited and wanted to try it out my own immediately. NO, not yet tasted the original ones and not sure if it is the same ! If not mistaken the original one is with red bean paste added in pineapple chunks instead of pineapple paste. While mine, I decided to place in one quarter of pineapple paste and 3 quarter of bean paste. Too much pineapple paste will be overly sweet. So, this should be just nice. Whatever it is I know this going to be so good. >o<  Please read on for more.
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You need a large or medium size mooncake mould gadget to get the more or less shape as desired. I would like to apologize to all my readers that the butter stated earlier was in melted form, which is wrongly written. It should be cold butter.

Ingredients for Pastry Dough :
120gm  all purpose flour
15gm icing sugar
45gm  cold margarine, chopped
70ml  cold water

110gm  all purpose flour
70gm  shortening

*Homemade Dou yong filling :  400gm 
(divide into 10 portions 50gm each)
* Homemade pineapple paste :  200gm or Taiwanese Pineapple Paste
(  weight about 15gm each)

Method :
(1) in one bowl, combine ingredients (A) except water, rub margarine & the dry ingredients till well cooperated. Then add in water to form a non-stick soft.dough. Knead to smooth then set aside.
(2) in another bowl, combine ingredients (B) till everything well cooperated then divide into 10 portions.
(3) at the same time, divide dough (A) into 10 portions as well, then wrap ingredient (B) into (A) and sealed to form a ball. And leave aside to rest for 20 minutes
(4) for further rolling method, please refer here, Chinese Pastryor here.
(5) now, press both end of the pastry dough into center then flatten it by rolling it into round shape.
(6) make a hole in dou yong paste then fill in pineapple paste with an open end facing up.
(7) then wrap dou yong with pastry dough from the pineapple paste open end and sealed it on the other end, place the sealing part by facing down then mould it with mooncake gadget.
(8) transfer filled dough to nicely greased baking tray then brush on syrup.
(9) finally, bake at preheated oven 185'-190'C for about 20-25 minutes or till nicely brown.

This is the perfect piece with just little honey spread to get it lightly brown. Without using the egg glazing, this is a perfect vegan mooncake.

Oh man, I took one piece and follow by another piece。。。and another piece 。。。and more pieces till I almost wallop two whole piece of these mooncake. So very tempting. I need to produce more of this flavour. Still planning for the giveaway on the coming week.


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