Homemade Mung Bean Paste

Mung bean is also known as green beans and the split and skinless ones called as mung dal. Some calling it mung beans as well and the one with skin called as green beans. That's how the shop owner differentiate the beans here! It normally comes in clean and beautiful yellow colour. And it's also quick to cook. You can make sweet soup or paste out of it. I even used it to make my dhall curry. So, as promised, here's my mung bean paste recipe. Happy cooking!

Ingredients :
500gm mung dal, soaked for 2-3 hours
350ml water
250gm sugar
a few pandan leaves/pandan extract

Method :

- drained the soaked mung beans and place it to a large tray for steaming.
- steam the soaked mung beans for about an hour or untill soft.
- once the mung bean is ready, quickly mashed them.

Now, dissolved sugar in 350ml water over medium heat. Then add in mashed mung beans and pandan leaves/extract. And simmer over medium heat untill became thick paste.

Stir the mung bean paste constantly. It's best to use a non-stick pot. I have omitted the cooking oil in my recipe. I don't think it needs to look glossy and it's even healthier without the oil.

Slowly you can see the thick paste is forming. It will looks a little crumby but it's OK.

Remove the thick mung bean paste to big bowl for cooling then keep chilled for overnight.

* Or you may try another method, click here or here. And here's also an interesting research done and some info you might interested in. Click here.

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