'Jiang Nan' Rose Petal Mooncake

'Jiang Nan' mooncake! Have anyone of you ever came across something like this before??? I was quite curious about it either and won't give up untill I finally gave it a go. The original filling used is pan fried chopped bacon and mashed sweet potatoes. But I'm going to omit both and use the homemade mung bean paste instead, with some chunky azuki. And the usage of dried rose petal totally captured my attention! So far, have never tried anything like this before. So, here we go......

Ingredients for Rose Petal Dough :
450gm all purpose flour
1 tspn baking soda
2 tbsp sugar
5gm dried rose petal, chopped
1/2 tspn salt
2 eggs, lightly beaten
100gm water
40gm butter
100gm oil
60gm honey

- combine all ingredients to form a soft dough and leave to rest for 1/2 hour. Then divide into 60gm dough each. You can roughly get 15 pieces.

Method :

- at the same time, divide homemade mung bean paste into 60gm each too.
- I've added in some chunky red beans to the filling, to brighten up the cake a little bit. (or you can add in bacon too)
- wrap the mung bean filling with the pastry dough and arrange to the baking tray.
- no egg glaze needed in this recipe.
- bake at 200'c for 10 mins and then 180'c for another 10 mins.

* The mooncake is best to serve a day after. (keep the rest refrigerated)

I think the crust looks fantastic even without the egg glaze. Though, it looks very much like the Shanghai mooncake but it's completely different. The crust is slightly crispy and packed with rose petal aroma. It's totally unforgetable! As mentioned in this recipe, the mooncake is best to serve one day after. So, I finally sliced it the next morning. It was pretty exciting because this is the first time I'm using my homemade mung bean paste in baked mooncakes. Thank goodness, the cake turns out super lovely. So guys, what do you think about the homemade paste? hehe....

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  1. Kristy, this is the 1st time I come across this moonie, sound interesting :)

  2. wow,so delicate with rose petals!

  3. Wow...that's so creative....rose petal in moon cakes....romantic...haha. Love that you mixed red beans into the mung bean paste....makes the filling looks special and beautiful when cut. I'm so lazy to make moon cakes....looks like so much work....hmmm. Wish I can have some of yours...hehe. But it looks like lots of fun to make, too. So, may be I will try :D Have a lovely weekend, Kristy!

  4. rose petal mooncake...hmm...interesting

  5. You made so many types of mooncakes, wonder how you finished them all? This rose petal mooncakes is another very interesting flavour!

  6. Oh Just bought a mooncake to send to my mum who has never had one before :), looks delish. And no we dont celebrate muslim new year next week its hari raya or eid which is a day to mark the end of the fasting month.

  7. Rose petals and moon is very romantic Kristy!Will you permit me to call this honeymoon cake (haha)!
    They look so cute and yummyilious!

  8. Jess : Good that you know them now! It's a good experience after all.

    Alison : Really aromatic!

    MaryMoh : Haha... Romantic mooncake! Not bad not bad!

    smallkucing : Yes, indeed!

    Jeannie : I sent most of them home to my mom and gave some to my nearby friend & neighbour. So, just left a few for ourselves. Sharing is good, right! haha... So, what do you think about the bean paste? Holding well?

    Peanutts : Wow, what a great surprise for your mom! I'm glad you did that. I'm sure she'll thrill when receiving the package later on. haha....

    Sutapa : Honeymooncake! Hey, that's a great name for this cake as well. haha.... Thanks alot.

    Thanks very much everyone for spending your weekend here with me today. Hope you're all enjoying your day & have fun.

    Cheers, kristy

  9. Your mooncakes are beautiful and all totally handmade...!! Good job!

  10. Rose petals in mooncake dough...that's unique!

  11. Nope! Never seen on this before. You are always so creative!

  12. One day I am going to make one of these beautiful mooncakes, they are just so pretty. The rose petal idea is wonderful.
    *kisses* HH

  13. What a unique mooncake! Your mooncakes are always so pretty!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. So creative in your cooking. I love the name mooncakes!

  15. Interesting.. must try and get hold of dried rose petal.

  16. Oh this is another of your genius creations Kristy! How cute are those? I have never baked with rose petals, but will try. I love rose water and flavoring so I know I would adore these adorable round cakes!

  17. What an interesting recipe using the rose petals. I would love to taste this.

  18. you are simply amazing as your creations fabulous!

  19. Rose petal dough? I never knew there was such a thing. But wowsa, this is absolutely GORGEOUS! You're my hero Kristy. Nice work! xx

  20. These are gorgeous Kristy! You make the best mooncakes! Love the rose petals in this one.

  21. Hey Kristy, looks like u're an expert in making mooncakes! This looks different from those I've tasted :)

  22. I love roses in anything - I have pots of roses growing outside my window and love looking at them bloom! This is a wonderful idea - so original and so beautiful!

  23. Kristy, you've done it again, another creation!

  24. Hi Kristy,
    can i know where to buy the rose petals or pluck from the plant.

    is there any process before we use it for baking.

    i am new in baking. appreciate if you could let me know. thanks.


  25. Hi Anne,
    First of all, thanks so much for stopping by my humble little space. Now, to your answer, you can get those rose petals or dried roses from any tea specialty stalls or chinese medical hall or you may find them at pasar malam as well.
    Hope this will help. Have a blessed day.


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