Chocolate Mixed Nuts Mooncake (Baked)

Yeap, my first attempt on this mixed nuts mooncake recipe! It's my mom special order....errr... it's actually last year order but I don't have the time to put my hands on this. So, here it is! Well, my mom always complaining that the store bought mixed nuts mooncake is way too sweet for her. She wanted something light and not so sweet. So, I decided to give her another surprise by making her this chocolate flavour mooncake which is completely different from what she used to eat. Hopefully, she will love it!

And here's the recipe.

Ingredients for Mixed Nuts filling :
100gm whole almond, chopped & roasted
100gm walnuts, chopped & roasted
50gm whole hazelnut, roasted
50gm pistachio, roasted
1/2 cup dried cranberry
1/2 cup candied kumquat, chopped
50gm candied melon, chopped
1 cup mixed seeds, roasted
2 tbsp brown sugar
1/2 tpsn salt
200gm cooked glutinous rice (koh fun)/wholemeal bran oat
1/2 cup water
1 tbsp rum
1 tbsp rose water/wine
Method :
- combine all ingredients in a big bowl and mix well.
- then stir in 4 tbsp corn/olive oil and mix till well combined.
- divide into 40gm ball each for mini size mooncake.

Ingredients for Chocolate Skin Dough :
350gm all purpose flour
350gm chocolate, chopped
105gm corn oil
Method :
- simmer chocolate and oil over a double boiler untill melted.
- stir chocolate mixture into flour and mix to form a thick paste.
- leave the thick paste to rest for an hour.
- then divide pastry dough into 35gm each (for mini size) .
- start wrapping the mixed nuts filling with the dough and slightly coat the dough with flour.
- arrange moulded mooncake onto baking tray and spray water onto each of it
- bake at 200'c for 5 mins and then remove mooncake from oven.
- slightly brush with egg glaze and continue baking at 180'c for another 10 mins or untill golden brown.
* It's best to serve this one day after.
This skin texture is unlike the traditional kinda of syrup dough skin. It isn't sweet at all. In fact, it tastes much like cookies with nuts and it's totally packed with seeds flavour.

I'm glad I tried the new skin recipe on this. I think it is incredible! Hopefully, my mom will like the new look of her mooncakes. haha... Just send a package home this morning. Keep my fingers cross!
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  1. I am just going to stick to normal ones first... just hope to succeed!

  2. Penny dear, wishing you all the best! Looking forward to your mooncake post. Hopefully soon! Good luck!
    Best wishes, Kristy

  3. Really looks very nutty! Love it :)

  4. Love its nutty filling! When is the moon festival?

  5. Kristy, what a co-incidence! I posted mine today too! Also nutty mooncakes. Yours look nice too, enjoy all the chewing!

  6. Amazing, Kristy! All those goodies filling your mooncake. I loved the photos of one cut in half so we could see exactly how you made them. Yummy!

  7. Kristy these look fantastic! I'm sure she's going to love them. I like the idea of them not being too sweet. Right up my ally...yummy! I have a long weekend coming up and my husband is going out of town, maybe this weekend...

  8. Looks good. I know Mixed nuts is very hard to make. Really tabik you la. My MIL love to eat Mixed Nuts

  9. Another beautiful snack in a package. I loves these recipes! And so healthy and tasty, too.

  10. Whoa! I never really liked the bean fillings...I wish I knew about mooncakes like this. Looks dee-licious.

  11. Your pics are amazing...I love your write up too...tempting recipe...

  12. hi kristy, i got yr message earlier on, will do so as soon as i can. thanks!

  13. I love the picture that shows the all the delicious nuts inside, yum!

  14. I love your pictures!! and your cakes look great, Im sure your mom is gonna love them.

  15. Anncoo : Thank you!

    Angie : It's on the 22nd of Sept! You're invited to the mooncake festival here. hehe...

    Cheah : Yeah, I saw them! They look so pretty. Just left in the message. Thanks!

    Barbara : Oh thank you so much! Glad that you like it too.

    Lyndz : I am very much looking forward to your homemade mooncakes too. Can't wait to see them! hehe... All the best, dear friend.

    smallkucing : Pei sei-leh! hehe.... Thanks alot! that's very sweet of you.

    Otehlia : Glad that you like it too! This looks very much like granola bars, right?

    Belinda : Thank you! Hope you'll enjoy by just drooling over this. hahaha....

    Jay : Thanks alot! It's a great pleasure for having you here.

    Lena : You're welcome! Just take your time. No worries!

    Natasha : Thank you! Yeah, I like it too.

    Priscilla : Thank you so much. Yes, hopefully hopefully! haha....

    Thank you very much all for spending your time here with me today. Hope you're having a fabulous day. Enjoy!

    Blessings, Kristy

  16. Kristy,

    The mooncake looks so delicious with all the nuts

  17. Your mooncakes look delicious!!! LOVE all the nuts. I'm sure your mom will love them!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. I was at the Asian store the other day and saw moon cake. Somehow, it reminded me of you. I didn't buy any, because I knew that you will have the recipe. The only thing I need is the mold :(

  19. What a sweet confection. Your mooncakes look like nougat and I'll wager they are delicious. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  20. Wow, look at all those gorgeous nuts in there. I can imagine this would be a hearty treat. You are so creative!

  21. Your mooncakes look excellent Kristy! They are so full of delicious treats! Save some for me...
    Have a wonderful weekend!xoxo

  22. Mooncake is popular in Japan too, but I didn't know the homemade version! Looks so beautiful and delish!!

  23. what a nutty mooncake,i love this recipe,kristy,very innovative!

  24. This is the first time I've seen a moon cake that is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. It looks positively heavenly!
    *kisses* HH

  25. Wowza! These look amazing. I mean really... No calories, no fat, right?

  26. Wow.. this looks really healthy AND yummy! Thanks for sharing this recipe!!

  27. Neyeeloh : Hi there, welcome to my humble little space and nice to meet you. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Andrea : Thank you! Yeah, hopefully! hehe....

    Elra : You can make something out without using the mould. Penny also ordered some mooncake moulds from the site. Maybe you can try that out too!

    Mary : Thank you very much. I hope my mom will like it.

    Bridgett : Thanks alot. That's very kind of you.

    Reeni : Of coz, it's all yours! haha...

    Spoon : Thank you. Hopefully, you can show me more about the Japanese mooncakes too. Looking forward to the post.

    Alison : Thank you, dear. Hope you will enjoy the recipe as well!

    HH : Thanks so much! I'm on cloud 9.... haha....

    Keri : Oh wow, thanks alot and glad that you like it to!

    Kumi : You're welcome! Hope you will enjoy the recipe as well.

    Thanks everyone for spending your weekend here with me. Hope you're all having a fabulous day.

    Cheers, kristy

  28. Kristy, no worry your mum will sure love it. I am sure my fil will like to have some but too bad he need to keep away from mooncakes since he is having grout.

  29. Kristy, I heard that this is the most expensive moon cakes. You can be rich selling these...haha :D With chocolate, they should cost even more! You sure look like having so much fun there making moon cakes. I'm sure there are going to be more moon cakes from waiting :D

  30. Your moon cake creations are wonderful! Who don't want to have a bite of such delicious nutty moon! I wish I could share a piece now!

  31. Jess : So sorry about your FIL! I think a slice or two doesn't cause much trouble! Should let him have an least a little treat. Come on, it's mooncake festival! Just let him enjoy. My FIL has diabetic but we still let him enjoy whatever he likes. Just control the amount consume will do!

    MaryMoh : Now, are you in the mood already? haha...

    Sutapa : Thank you so much! You're such a sweetheart.

    Thanks ladies for stopping by and hope you are all having a wonderful day.

    Cheers, kristy

  32. I will order a dozen of those please! nuts and chocolate? you're killing me!

  33. Kristy, you are such a talent! Everything you make looks like a work of art.

  34. That looks RIDICULOUSLY good. And with all the nuts and some fruit I can eat it more often than an actual mooncake. :)

    Where do you come up with these ideas? I'm always blown away.


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