Chinese Pastry Kaya Puff 自制中式加央酥饼

Kaya puff is a very popular Chinese pastry in Malaysia & Singapore. And I am one of the fan. Sometimes I just can't get enough of it especially the kind of pastry crust that I'm looking for. Some consumer may like crispy crust but I personally love flaky soft crust, which is melt in your mouth kind of pastry skin. I tried several recipes for the past few years. Please click here, here & here., to find out more. Anyhow, I am not giving up ! Still keep myself motivated and working out more recipes on this particular baked goodie.  Please read on for more.
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I'm actually making a duo flavour kaya puff, with chunky peanut butter on one side & kaya on the other side.

Here's what I did.
Ingredients for pastry dough :
Dough (A)
300gm all purpose flour
1 TB  icing sugar
70gm cold butter, chopped
50gm  shortening
100gm  cold water (*used 120ml)

Dough (B)
190gm  all purpose flour
120gm  shortening

*500gm  homemade kaya jam or kaya from Yeo's brand
*one jar of chunky peanut butter
*egg glazing : 1 egg yolk mixed with 1/2 tspn milk

Method :
(1) in one bowl, combine ingredients (A) except water, rub shortening & the dry ingredients till well cooperated. Then add in water to form a non-stick soft.dough. Knead to smooth then set aside. If possible extra flour for coating.
(2) in another bowl, combine ingredients (B) till everything well cooperated then divide into 4 portions.
(3) at the same time, divide dough (A) into 4 portions as well, then wrap ingredient (B) into (A) and sealed to form a ball. And leave aside to rest for 20 minutes
(4) for further rolling method, please refer here, Chinese Pastryor here.
(5) now, cut rolled dough into half then with the cutting edge facing down and the other end facing up.
(6) then flatten dough and roll it into oblong size (about 10x4" long).
(7) spread 2 tspn of peanut butter on one side of the pastry as shown in picture, then spread the other half with kaya jam, side by side. Leave other edge of pastry empty.
(8) next, fold the pastry and sealed it, then plead the edges nicely.

**Note : for large size pastry divide into 4 portions & medium size pastry divide into 5 portions.

(9) transfer filled dough to greased baking tray and brush with egg glazing with sprinkle of sesame seeds.
(10) then bake at preheated oven 195-200'C (middle rack) for about 26 minutes or till nicely brown.

The pastry crust turns out looking gooooood & love the flakiness too !

Question is !!! Is it really that good ?  Yeap, this round is that close ...... 90% of my expectation. I am one happy baker. Clap... clap..... clap..... What do you think ?


  1. Gorgeous flaky layers and I love the filling so much! Wish I didn't have to worry about the waistline...sighs..

    1. Don't worry ! Trust me, you can still add in a few more pounds. haha.....

  2. Hi Kristy. Very beautiful flaky pastry. This is also one of my favorite snack except that store bought ones are too sweet. U made them very well especially your beautiful pleats. Do u store them in fridge and reheat? So u get 8 pieces total right? Thanks for posting. Chloe

    1. Yes, you can store them in fridge then reheat them anytime you want. Hope you will like it, Chloe.

  3. My problem is over cook kaya when bake the puff .
    Please advice

    1. hi Mae, can you please email me directly. Thanks.
      regards, Kristy


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