Teochew Crystal Chives Kuih 潮州水晶韭菜粿

Honestly, I can't even remember when is the last time I tried making this kind of crystal clear dumpling. haha.... I bought some Chinese chives this morning just to prepare this kuih. Chinese chives also called as garlic chives (it actually smells like one too !). Chives is very popular in Asia, while mostly love to use them in making all kind of dumplings.... the Korean loves to use them in making buchujeon, the Korean pancake and some loves to use them in making pan fried flat bread (油饼). And ME, I'm going to try them in making Teochew dumpling.

Ingredients :
200gm   Chinese chives, washed & rinsed
2 eggs,  beaten
1 tspn   light soy sauce
salt & pepper to taste
1/3 tspn   vegetarian granules

Method :
(1) mix together soy sauce and beaten egg till well blended, then cut chives into 1.5cm length and set aside.
(2) preheat a frying pan with some cooking oil, fry beaten egg by stirring it gradually till turned brown.
(3) now, add Chinese chives, granules, salt & pepper into scrambled egg and cook for another one to two minutes over low heat.
(4) finally, transfer egg chives mixture to a plate and leave cool before used.

Ingredients for dough :
80gm   tapioca flour (薯粉)
80gm   wheat starch(淀粉)
240ml  boiling water
a pinch of salt to taste

Note  :  Potato starch (生粉)

Method : 
(1)  combine both flour, starch and salt into a big bowl and mix well.
(2) now, slowly stir in the boiling water till a soft dough is formed, knead dough immediately till smooth.
(3) then quickly, sprinkle some tapioca flour onto a plastic sheet and place in some warm dough.
(4) flatten dough between two sheets till thin and nice.
(5) next, shape dough with round cutter size as desired.

(6) fill in the chives mixture and sealed carefully. It may crack once dough has cooled down. Remember, every single minute count !

(7) finally, steamed dumplings at preheated steamer for about 12 minutes. Remove from steamer immediately once its done.

Oh wow, just look at these babies ! Aren't they beautiful ?  I am drooling. However, I still think the skin is a bit thick. Will try to make thinner skin next time. Overall, I give this 8/10.  Hope you guys are going to have a fabulous week ahead.


  1. Hi Kristy,

    You have made these so well... I would rate you 10/10!!! Not 8/10 lah :p


  2. Oh wow Zoe, thanks ! Actually, I think the skin more than the crunchy side the soft part. Still trying to figure out the flour mixture when free. Life is just so hectic these days.

  3. These dumplings are perfectly done, Kristy.

  4. Great Kristy, I'd love to try one now~

  5. Hi these dumplings look so good and crystal clear skin. Question " your dough is just a mixture of tapioca flour and wheat starch right? Wondering why u had this line "note: potato starch"? Just want make sure before I attempt. Never done dumplings before. Thanks Chloe. Also I don't have silicone sheets to line. Can I use parchment paper?

  6. Hi Chloe,
    Just the flour mixture is only tapioca flour & wheat starch. I mentioned potato starch just to differentiate the Chinese words.

    No, you can't use parchment paper for the lining, but you can use cheese cloth instead, otherwise banana leaf will do as well.
    Hope this will help. Have fun !


  7. Thanks Kristy. Will use banana leaves. Will update u when I try this out. Chloe

  8. Thanks Kristy. Will use banana leaves. Will update u when I try this out. Chloe


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