Cream Cheese Custard Rosie Bread

Nowadays, children are really lucky. They have all kind of toys to play with, from soft toys to computer games. When I was little I climbed trees, riding on my grandfather's bicycle, play hide & seek with my brothers, jumping jack and so on. We do not spend money on toys. What about our parents? What do they play when they were little? There is one person whom I love to sit by her side all the time because she loves telling me stories. She is my aunt, one of my mother's elder siblings. She is a very very very special lady. She got those super natural power! ! When she was little she play games that we had never play before. One of the games was 'broom spirit'. They will place a broom up side down standing and burn three stick of incenses to invite the broom spirit. The broom will automatically stand strait when the invitation is successful. It's not a funny story! I've never tried any of those games except one, the coin spiritual game! Believe it or not??? Well, it's enough for today! Let's start cooking...

Ingredients :

550gm high protein flour/bread flour
1-1/2 tspn yeast
200ml warmed milk
3 tbsp sugar
1/2 tspn salt
2 large eggs
50ml olive oil

Method :

- add all ingredients into the electrical mixer to mix till form a soft dough.
- leave to proof for 1 hour or untill double it size.
- then slightly punch and press the dough to release gas.
- divide the dough into 12 pcs.
- shape the dough as desire shape and place in the cream cheese custard.
- place the finishing dough onto a cupcake paper cup.
- second proof : 15mins.
- brush on the egg glaze.
- and bake for 20 mins at 180'c or untill golden brown.
*Cream cheese custard recipe is under mixed fruits galette posting.

For Hand Made Dough :

- add yeast into warmed milk and leave for 5 mins.
- add in 150gm flour and mix well.
- then leave to proof for one hour.
- next combine all leftover ingredients together with the milk mixture to form a dough.
- leave to proof for an hour, then follow the above method.

It's a new recipe! My kids love it. I will try to make this with other flavours soon.


  1. This looks wonderful and so soft I agree imagination is all kids need

  2. The buns are so nicely twisted. Bread is one thing I'm not good at and not trying enough. Hope I can achieve your standard one day! p/s Yikes, I don't know abt the broom thing, but the spirit of the coin I've played many times with school friends and really freaky! Ask me to play again now as an thanks! :D

  3. Wow these are so adorable looking! I am so scared of yeast! I need to get over that fear and just make some bread.hopefully it comes out as beautiful as yours!

  4. Never as a child did I play any spirit games, they sound intriguing...

    The bread looks so beautiful, the only breads I have made have tasted good but looked not so great. I will have to try this and have it for breakfast possibly.


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