Slow Cooker Barley

I guess most of you like taking barley but do you know that there are actually many usage in each part of barley. Basically, barley is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals & amino asids. More importantly, its also one of the richest sources of both soluble and insoluble fiber. And barley contains high level of dietary fiber & solenium (a type of antioxidants), which will help to maintain your overall health in the long term. Most likely, barley water is the main claimed benefit in supporting the kidneys especially in times of stress. It is also used a therapeutic water for those who have kidney and bladder ailments. And barley grass.... What to check out more about barley!? Here,
For me, I hate boiling barley! I hate to spend time waiting for my barley to get boiled to soft and ready to serve. So, most likely I've thought of using slow cooker to make barley drink. I will leave the barley to boil over low heat in the slow cooker at night. Wow, the next morning I can have a cup of nice hot barley drink. I ate the barley as well! It is so soft that even a toddler can have it. It is absolutely the best drink ever early in the morning; instead of taking tea or coffee!

Ingredients :

3 litre boiling water

200gm barley, washed to clean

sugar to taste

Method :

- using a 5 litre slow cooker.

- pour in the boiling water and add in the barley.

- switch to low heat and let it boil till the next morning.

- off the switch, add in sugar to your taste and serve.

- the leftover can leave cool for a nice cool afternoon drink by adding in some ice cubes and lemon slice.

This is the nice cool barley drink of mine !


  1. Hi! a very informative and useful post. Barley surely helps in water retention problem. i am ready to have urs. Do drop into my space if u njoy Indian curries.

  2. Love barley and use it in soups all the time. informative post!

  3. nice post never drank barley Brits mostly put it in soups

  4. incidentally, i just bought the dessert soya bean sheet this morning to make ginkgo barley this weekend. i really like yr idea to leave the barley in the slow cooker overnight. easy and fuss free, no need to 'jaga'.

  5. Pari : Thanks for your comment and glad you like it!

    Claudia : Thanks!

    Rebecca : Not too late to try! Jasmine can take it as well.

    NPM : Ginkgo barley with soya bean sheet! I love it especially for breakfast!

  6. I like to use them to steam with rice...or cook as a congee. Time like this I wish I had a bigger belly!
    Angie's Recipes

  7. Wow, what a great idea to do this in the slow cooker. Never knew it could be used as a drink. Looks refreshing.

  8. I've never had this kind of drink before - it looks tasty.

  9. Wow! So interesting! I've never had this before and will definitely try :)

  10. Angie : Go and jog for an hour or two! Then come to take the second round!

    Donna : You got to try this! This is really good to help you to release tension!

    Pam : Yeah, it's absolutely tasty!

    Diana : It's good for the kids too!

  11. Quite effective information, thank you for your post.


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