Rambutan Agar-agar 'O' Jelly

Rambutan is one of our popular garden fruit trees and propagated commercially in small orchard. It is also one of our seasonal fruit besides durian, mangoesteen, langsat and duku. Nowadays we can easily get them from hypermarket in canned. Rambutan flesh is thick, firm, translucent and is sweet & juicy. But have anyone of you try it in making jelly? 'Agar-agar' is the Malay word for jelly or jello. I love making jelly with fresh fruits. It is so refreshing and by the time you enjoy eating the jelly you can also having fun digging out the fruits. How very nice!

Ingredients :

1 packet agar-agar powder (10gm per pkt)
1 can rambutans

Method :

- separate juice from the rambutan.
- add juice with water to make it 900ml (always measure 100ml less than required).
- stir in the agar-agar powder slowly and mix well.
- cook the mixture over medium low heat.
- add in sugar to your taste and stir untill sugar melted.
- off the heat and pour the hot mixture to the jelly mould.
- then place the rambutans flesh into the mould.
- and leave cool; then keep them into fridge.

Isn't it looks great? These transparent jelly are so nice to be serve in gathering or parties.
Rambutan either came with red hairy skin or yellow hairy skin. These pictures were taken at my parents-in-law's home.

It even tastier to top with a scoop of ice-cream. Hmm.....mm!!!

I still feel like having some more!! My son is about to finish the whole lot of them.
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