My Very 1st Award

Look at this! Oh my goodness, this is actually my very first award. I received this award yesterday from my blog buddies, Rebecca from Chow and Chatter. Thank you so much, Rebecca. I'm terribly happy and will follow the rules as many as possible. I was requested to list out 7 things about myself.

The following are the 7 things about myself :

(1) I'm a mother of two. My elder daughter is 15 and my son is 12.

(2) I'm a funny, love to laugh, mysterious, loving and happy mom.

(3) I live in a multi racial country called Malaysia. Malaysia is a food paradise and it's also a very beautiful country.

(4) I started blogging in the end of March'09. And still not that familiar with the site, but I'm glad I made this far.

(5) I love baking and cooking for my family and friends very much. And I enjoy watching them eating my food as well, ha ha !

(6) I'm terribly happy to meet all the food blogger from all over the world and making friends with them.

(7) I'm really appreciate and would like to thank all the food blogger for sharing. THANK YOU!

And then I would like to pass this award on to someone special. Mary from One perfect Bite, I'm sending this award to her and thank her for sharing all her lovely recipes.

Rebecca, Thank you so much for the award and I'm going to take real care of it! Here is something nice for you.

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