Stir Fried Spicy Sweet Potato Leaves

Sweet potato sounds familiar to all of you, right?? But what about sweet potato leaves?? And do you know that sweet potato leaves had much higher polyphenol content than any other commercial vegetables! Sweet potato leaves are chock-full of disease-fighting antioxidants that could help to prevent heart disease, diabetes, infection and some types of cancer. If you want to find out more about the benefits, try to check out at and many other more. And it's also cheaper than many other commercial vegetables. Or probably, you can get it free from your own garden!

This whole bunch only cost me eighty cents but have to spent a little time in cleaning up. I take this almost every week.

Come on, follow me and learn more about the preparation for the dish! Firstly, separate leaves from the stems Then, peel off the skin of the stem and cut shorter(keep only the tender part of the stem). Wash them thoroughly with clean water and leave aside for drying.

Ingredients :

1 tbsp chopped garlic

1 tbsp chopped onion

1 tbsp chopped ginger

a few chili padi (extreme spicy)

salt to taste

- preheat the pan or wok with 1/2 cup cooking oil.

- stir in all the ingredients untill fragrant.

- stir in sweet potato leaves and cook under high heat.

- add in salt; and off the heat, once the leaves became soft.

- and wa-la... it's ready to serve.

(*Actually, mine one already added in some ikan bilis/dried anchovies)

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