Cheese Horseshoe

I went missing for 2 days! Well, I was busy cooking for the past 2 days for the Chinese Ghost Festival. I don't know have you heard of it before! Some of you are celebrating Halloween and I'm celebrating Chinese Ghost Festival. Actually, it's not a celebration but to pay respect to the ghosts!!! Before going any further with the story...may we begin with the Horseshoe recipe first...he he!? This recipe is truly an old fashion kind of savory scone but deliciously rich with cheese. Eventhough this is my first try I know I've already fallen for it....ha ha ! I love the smell of the cheese and especially with mushroom in it. I've never try any scone in this way and this is my first time. And I'm totally in! Hope you like it too!

Ingredients for dough :

2 cups self-raising flour
30gm butter
1/2 cup milk
1/3 cup water
- rub butter with flour untill well combine.
- add in milk and water to form a soft dough.
- place the dough onto slightly floured baking tray.
- knead to form a rectangle.

Ingredients for filling :

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
a hand of chopped onion
1/3 cup chopped green pepper
1/2 cup sliced mushroom
salt & pepper to taste

Topping : 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese and egg glaze

- mix all ingredients together.
- then spread filling over dough and roll up like Swiss roll.
- then form into a horseshoe shape.
- brush on egg glaze and sprinkle with cheese.
- bake for 20-25mins at 220'c.

Oops!!! Forgot to brush on the egg glaze....but still tasted wonderfully! Had to have a mug of coffee....mmm...mmm....

Chinese Ghost Festival is also called as 'Yu Lan' or 'Zhong Yuan' festival. According to the legend, every lunar 1st of July Yama is ordered to open the door to hell and then the suffering innocent ghost would hang out for a short time (actually one month) and enjoy fresh food. So, the Chinese believe that this is not a lucky month to get married or to do any celebration activities. During this period, incense is burnt in front or behind door of each household together with fruits and food to show respect to the ghost. In some places, people flow water lanterns. According to the chinese tradition, the lanterns are used to direct the ghost to find their way back. Check out for more stories at http ://

So, for the past 2 days I was busy preparing food and all the praying stuffs. I had prepared 7 dishes and cook them in one day; and bought a few additional dishes & fruits. I started as early as 8am by steaming the traditional fatt go. Second one is the 'Hakka Yong Tofu' which I made the fish paste one day earlier (can feed more than 20 persons, so it's huge). Third one, I'm cooking the 'Ayam Masak Lemak' takes a little time for this dish. It is about 1pm by the time I finish cooking this! So, my kids have to take instant noodle for lunch. Forth one, I prepared the traditional Ma Lai Go and jelly...I'll make a posting for this jelly later on, very interesting! Fifth one, I started making satay drumsticks and salad. Then, I've bought a roast duck and some roast pork. It's about 5pm by then and my husband was helping me to arrange everything on a BIG table at the back yard. And we burnt lots of incense and candle ! Finally came to an end, we have invited all of our friends to come over to enjoy the food.......Nope, not yet!!! Who is doing the dishes? Of coz, I am.....So, I ended up cleaning and washing untill 12am! Oh yes, extremely tired...! I'm going to take a nap later on.

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