Mandarin Orange Peach Mousse Cake

Yesterday, it was my son's birthday. And I actually forgot about it! ha ha...It was not too late. I quickly check my fridge and the store room to look for something that I can make for him. So, I found some whipped cream and a can of peaches. But I need something quick! So, I have decided to make a mousse cake. Luckily, there's still some gelatin left in the fridge. And what flavour to match with the peaches...??? Oh.. then I found a bottle of mandarin orange concentrate liquid. Perfect!!! I think that will do. Finally, I came out something like this! What do you think?

Ingredients :

Crust :
200gm biscuit, mashed
100gm butter
- mix the ingredients together with hand, do not melt butter.
- place the mixture to a springfoam pan and press well.
- bake for 10mins at 180'c.
- leave cool.

Mousse Cake Filling :

400ml whipped cream
1 cup concentrate mandarin liquid
1 cup water
10gm gelatin
1 can peach

- combine mandarin liquid, water and gelatin to mix well, then simmer over low heat till gelatin is well dissolved. Leave cool.
- whisk whipped cream till thick and combine with the liquid mixture.
- spread half of the cream mixture over the cool baked crust.
- fill in some peaches and cover with the balance cream mixture.
- chill in the fridge for an hour and decorate the balance peaches on top.
- then serve.
Yeah, my son loves it! And my daughter loves it even more...ha ha! It's a very delightful treat. No sugar added in.
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