Stir Fried Spicy Sting Beans

Sting bean also name as 'Petai' in Malay. It is one of our local dish that often appeared on our dining table. Why is that it is given such a name! Well, it's because the bean is sting!!! After taking sting beans, our perspiration and urine became very strong. Not many likes it but majority of the Asian people loves it! I've no idea why as well. It's also one of my husband's favourite. I do take it but not as much as he did....ha ha ! Actually, there are lots of benefit by taking sting beans. Sting bean contains 3 natural sugar sucrose, fructose and glucose. Combined with fiber, it gives an instant, substained and substaintial boost of energy. Sting bean can also help to overcome and prevent a substaintial of illnesses and conditions, making it a must to add to our daily diet. It does help in many way such as blood pressure, anaemia, constipation, stress, nervous system and many more.

Ingredients :

300gm petai, roughly chopped

3 medium size onion, chopped in medium sized

100gm pounded dried shrimps

some fried anchovies,

some chili padi

some chopped ginger

salt to taste

Method :

- preheat wok or pan with 3tbsp cooking oil.

- stir in ginger and dried shrimps, and fried till fragrant.

- add in the balance ingredients and stir fry under medium heat.

- stir fried for about 2 mins or untill the onion nice and dry.

- then serve.


  1. This sounds absolutely delicious!! Love new ideas for string beans.

  2. This looks very tasty with those dried shrimps...very good!

    Angie's Recipes

  3. It looks wonderful, I'd love to try it!

  4. Hi Everyone,

    So interesting! I wonder have you guys tried sting beans before??? Sounds like you all like it so much! ha ha...

    Cheers, Kristy

  5. Oh perfect recipe! So quick and simple, yet the perfect side for a quick dinner!

  6. Aduh enak sekali ini memasak sama petai. I miss petai very much! Can't get it fresh here. Drooling!!

  7. Marta : Thanks for stopping by and glad that you like it too.

    Elra : Oh yes, I know how much do you miss this kind of food! Kan saya nakal, suka tunjuk-tunjuk makanan yang tidak boleh dimasak disana!Air liur sudah meleleh..:L..he he !


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