Pastry Puff Rum Egg Tart

I love egg tarts very much. Actually I'm still experimenting the making of egg tart and not yet found the perfect ingredients for the skin. So, I'm using pastry puff instead for time being. I think pastry dough can be easily found at hypermarket. So, for those who are too tired to make the dough ; just grab some from the supermarket ! These tarts making me thought of "Pushing Daisy" the drama series. They making lots of pie in the shop. Oh yeah, I love that story! I wonder when is the 2nd season for it? Very much looking forward.....

Ingredients for Pastry Puff :

250gm all purpose flour
130gm ice water
15gm butter
1 tbsp vinegar
200gm pastry margarine (200gm butter + 1/2cup flour)

- rub butter with flour untill well combine.
- combine water and vinegar then add into flour mixture and form a dough.
- roll out square flat and place in the pastry margarine.
- seal all edges and start the folding processes.
- after completion, roll flat the pastry dough and cut into 3x3" square each.
- place pastry sheet into cupcake mould.

Ingredients for Egg Filling :

120gm sugar
1-1/2 cup full cream milk
2 large eggs, beaten
1/2 tspn vanilla extract
1 tspn rum

- dissolve sugar into milk under low heat and then leave cool.
- whisk all ingredients together untill well mix.
- pour the mixture onto the pastry dough mould.
- bake at 190'c untill the center egg is set.

Not bad, not bad! I love the look of it, like Tulips! And it tasted pretty good too.
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